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Science is one of our Driver Subjects, meaning that it leads the curriculum and is one of our topic focuses alongside History and Geography.  Our Science leaders are Mrs Miller and Mrs Brown.  They have prepared an Intent Statement for science as well as progression documents for the different topic areas of science which can be downloaded below.  The science topics can also be found on the long term curriculum plan

Intent Statement

At St Theresa’s we believe that teaching and learning in science should excite children and give them a strong understanding of the world around them through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.

Throughout our school we will provide our children with the opportunity to use a range of specific skills to help them think scientifically, including questioning, making observations and investigating their ideas. Giving children the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science today and for the future.

 Below is a curriculum map of which science topics are taught and when in school:

St Theresa’s Science Week March 2022

All year groups at St Theresa’s enjoyed a week of science. 

Afternoons were spent undertaking experiments and learning more about the world, how and why things work.

Science Topics

 Animals Including Humans.pdfDownload
 Earth and Space .pdfDownload
 Evolution and Inheritance.pdfDownload
 Forces and Magnets.pdfDownload
 Light and Shadows.pdfDownload
 Living Things and Their Habitats.pdfDownload
 Materials and their Properties.pdfDownload
 Rocks and Soils.pdfDownload
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