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Online Safety

 One of the most important areas you can help your child is by being computer savvy and understanding how important e-safety is for the overall development of your child’s well-being and education.  The link below is a Government site called “Think you know” and it will help you to understand how best to keep your child safe online both now and in the future. Please click on the links below for some vital information about online safety:

A5 Online Safety Leaflet Final 

We held on-line safety training in school and about 15 parents attended (which the LCC officer leading the training said was amazing!) and they loved it.  They recommended that I put the training module on the website so here it is:

Parents Online Safety Talk March 2017 

Those of you who have been involved with the school for a while know that whilst I embrace and encourage modern technology I am also very cautious about the use of social media in school.  It can be a great force for good and I know many parents are on various platforms for social media including FaceBook, Snapchat and Twitter; all I would ask is that parents/carers exercise caution when posting or twitting anything to do with school and school life.  This is especially true of images that make contain pictures of children other than your own especially if you do this without prior permission from the other parents.  Parents should not attempt to be online friends with staff as this puts staff in a very compromised position as it is part of school policy that they should be as invisible online as possible.  The link below is the school’s e-Safety policy:

Online Safety Policy  

LCC Policy on Safer Use of ICT and Social Media for Staff

The children on the school council have been working on a booklet to help themselves to stay safe online; please click on the link below to take you to a PDF of the booklet.  Copies have been sent home with the children but it is also here for future reference:

Student Council Online Safety Leaflet 

We are all deeply committed to keep our young people safe online whilst at the same time giving them the skills and confidence to use the internet to its fullest potential for learning about our wonderful world.  We encourage parents to be vigilant and to monitor what their children are doing online and to be aware of who they are communicating with; we do this with regular updates and reminders on the weekly newsletter. (see below)

Staff are also very vigilant when it comes to internet and online safety.  This is the LCC guidance and policy adopted by staff:

On Line Safety Policy Guidance for Schools April 2020

Digital Leaders

We have recently joined the Childnet Digital Leaders programme and 10 students across Year 5 were successful in securing a place on the course. They are currently taking part in a 7 week training course to become qualified digital leaders in our school. The programme aims to empower young people to educate their peers about online safety. They have a significant role in enhancing online safety in St Theresa's. Watch this space...

The Digital Leaders ran 'Cyberbullying' workshops during playtime and lunchtime for KS1. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning all about cyberbullying and the support available to them.

'How to be a good online friend' Filmed by St Theresa's Digital Leaders!

Parent Guides

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