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British Values in Our School

British Values

We are totally commited to promoting British Values in our school and this is enshrined in our Mission Statement that states our pupils should grow up to play a vital role in the ever changing world in which they will live and have their being.  Our school has a proud tradition of welcoming children from other faiths and ethnic backgrounds and we see this as a great strength of the school.  To this end we have been awarded the Stephen Lawrence Educational Standard to Level 1 and Level 2; this award was made after external validation of our multi-cultural and multi-faith educational provision.  We believe this work embodies what it is to be British; to show tolerance, understanding and good social, moral and cultural understanding of all members of our local, national and global society of which we are all a vital part.  We believe that as a Catholic school we should do all of this in a Christ-centred and child-centred way thus developing pupils spiritual understanding too.

Below are two documents prepared by the school that outline the schools specific provision for SMSC and for promoting British Values.  Please click on the links for more information:

British values SMSC at St Theresa’s

British Values St Theresa’s Leeds