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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 page. There are 2 classes: 4SE taught by Mrs Eddiker and supported by Mrs Langan & Mrs Duree, and 4DMG taught by Mrs Gammon-McGee and supported by Mrs Nuttall and Mrs Bell.  Both classes will work closely together throughout the year on a range of wonderful topics.  We are all excited to be part of the Year 4 team and are looking forward to an exciting year with the children.

Key Information

Mrs Gammon-McGee's Absence

 Please read the following letter about Mrs Gammon-McGee's absence.

 Letter to parents of 4DGM March 2024.docx


Autumn Term Curriculum Overviews

Spring Term Curriculum Overview

Summer Term Curriculum Overview

Knowledge Organisers

Attached below are the Knowledge Organisers for Science, History and Geography.  The organisers are a tool for the children to use throughout the topic to support their learning.

 Year 4 Knowledge Organisers
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Maths - Multiplication Check 2023

Please click the link below to find out more about the multiplication check for Year 4 Summer 2023.  As well as strategies to support your child in learning their times tables.

The following links will take you to educational websites to support the quick recall of multiplication facts.

 Year 4 Multiplication Check
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Religious Education

 Throughout the Autumn Term we have been looking at stories from the Old and New Testament, where people have shown trust in God.  The children are working hard to identify links between stories and recognise similarities.

One of the key people the children studied was Zechariah.  In class they worked in groups to explain key parts of the story, each group represented their part of the story using illustrations and words.

The children are preparing for their first year group Mass (Friday 2nd December 2022) We have been coming together to practise the hymns.  They WOWED staff singing this hymn together.


Throughout the month of October, we celebrated Black History Month in school.  In Year 4, we looked at inspirational sporting heroes both from the past and present day.  We studied Arthur Wharton and Marcus Rashford.  The children completed a range of activities to learn about both men and recognise the difficulties they faced but also identifying how they overcome discrimination to excel in their sport.  It was refreshing for the children to see that both men dedicated time to help others.


Representatives from both classes, were very articulate and passionate when they shared what they had learnt in our Whole School Celebration Assembly.

On Monday 21st November 2022, we had a special visitor in school...A Roman Soldier!  He spent the day with us, showing us the many things he had to carry in his bag, shared with us what life was like in the Roman Army and even put the children through their paces in military training.  They learnt that teamwork and communication were key in keeping them and their comrades safe!


We are very fortunate this year to be part of the Leeds Diocesan Singing Programme.  Every Thursday morning, both classes have a 30 minute singing lesson with Miss Leather.  Within the sessions, the children are taught a range of songs including traditional hymns.  The children raise the roof!


On Thursday 17th November 2022, the children had a special visit from members of 'The Sixteen' Choir.  Our guests, sang for the children, led them in singing and answered any questions they had about being a singer/member of a choir.  We were all in awe of their amazing talent!

4DM Class Liturgy - Friday 8th April 2022

Today we had a class liturgy to celebrate the friendships we have in class and to celebrate the many happy memories the children share of Elsa.

In preparation for the liturgy the children learnt a liturgical dance to the song ‘Testify to love.’  The children were fabulous: they were respectful, active participants and danced and sang beautifully.


Below is a video of the children performing their liturgical dance.

Roman Day - March 2022

The children received a visit from a Roman Centurion who gave them a detailed insight into the life of a Roman soldier, he also put them through their paces in Day 1 of their training.

The children also had the opportunity to learn how to play a Roman game and to make their own clay oil lamp.  They also had time to examine replica artefacts: looking at the materials used, design and purpose of each item.


The xylospongium (sponge on a stick) caused quite a stir when the children realised what it was used for!

Science Week

What a fantastic start to the week! We thoroughly enjoyed our Chemistry based workshop, with Professor Harry from Sublime Science.  He taught us all about polymers and how to bond them together with a starch solution, resulting in slime!

We had great fun to see whose slime could stretch the most.

World Book Day - March 2022 

Roman Projects - February 2022

Mount Vesuvius erupts,

The children across Year 4 had a fabulous time showcasing their individual Roman projects to the class. We had a wide range of projects, which included:  art work, sewing skills, baking, herb growing, mosaics, models and erupting volcanoes! 

We were amazed at the knowledge they shared with one another and the questions they asked. Their enthusiasm shone through. 

Ice Skating December 2021

We were lucky to secure tickets at Millenium Square to receive an ice-skating lesson.  During the session we learnt how to successfully get up off the ice, how to move and how to stop.

The children showed a lot of grid and determination to keep going regardless of the number of tumbles they took. It was a successful lesson and great fun!

Skipping Workshop January 2022

4CC’s Training session

4DM’s Training Session

The children had a fun-filled morning with Chris from Skipping School Limited.  Chris introduced the children to a range of individual skipping skills and group skips using a long rope.  The skills tested the children’s co-ordination, balance, memory and stamina.

Following on from the workshop we have come together as a year group to practise and the children have been practising hard to develop their skipping skills during break and lunch time.

Later in the year, a team from Year 4 will represent school at the Leeds Catholic Partnership Competition. Watch this space...

Foundation Stones - Holocaust Remembrance Day