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St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

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Welcome to our Staffing Section!

There are a lot of staff at St Theresa’s… almost 80 if you count them all.  We all work hard as a team to provide the best possible education for the young people we serve.  The senior staff structure is below and there are links on the tab above to many other staff who work in our school with young people.   

Senior Leadership Team

We have a very experienced senior leadership team in our school who provide a steer to the school as well as helping to shape the vision for the school and drive standards forward. 

Head Teacher: Mrs Jane Ryan 

Our Head Teacher is Mrs Jane Ryan BA. (Hons).  Mrs Ryan has taken over from Mr Hutchinson's following his retirement in August 2023.  Mrs Ryan has taught at St Theresa's for over 25 years and is a very experienced senior leader and teacher.  She is an Early Years and Key Stage 1 specialist but has vast experience of KS2 as well.  She was previously our Deputy Head of Lower School (KSF/KS1) but was promoted to Deputy Headteacher of the whole school in September 2019.  Mrs Ryan is very approachable and is extremely popular with all our stakeholders but most especially our staff and parents who will always turn to her for help and advice.  She is also extremely popular with the children who just adore her.  Mrs Ryan coordinates lots of our monitoring, evaluation and review work and with Mrs Dowd and the other senior leaders helps to drive standards forward to make St Theresa's the best school it can possibly be.  She says, "I just love my job and it is the best job in the world!  It is a pleasure and a privilege to serve this community which is why I have stayed so long.  Our children are just fabulous and they bring such joy to us all.  Every day is different and I have loved every minute here.  My door is always open to everyone and I am always happy to help everyone in our community."   

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs Laura Dowd

Mrs Dowd joined our SLT in September 2022 after many successful years working at St Nicholas's CPS and St Francis CPS, Morley.  Mrs Dowd is a very experienced primary practitioner and has specialism in leading Maths, Religious Education and the Curriculum.  Mrs Dowd took on the interim role of Deputy Head Teacher for the academic year 2023-2024 to support Mrs Ryan in her new role as Headteacher.  She has since been officially appointed as Deputy Head in 2024. She is taking a strong lead in KS2 and working closely with the staff in that area of school to maintain and improve standards of Quality First Teaching. She says, "I just love working at St Theresa's!  It is such a caring and kind community.  The children are amazing and I cannot wait to get my teeth into lots of projects where I start to a real difference to the lives of these young people."  

Assistant Head Teacher: Ms Catherine Walker

Ms Walker will join St Theresa's in September 2024 as part of the teaching and learning team and the senior leadership team. She has been teaching since 2000, largely in the North East. However, she has decided to return to Leeds where her roots are. She is leaving her previous school, George Washington Primary, after many devoted years there, where she was a member of SLT for 5 years. She has largely taught in Year 6 but has experience in a range of different year groups. Ms Walker studied at Northumbria University after previously studying at Cardinal Heenan and Notre Dam in Leeds. Ms Walker is passionate about musical theatre and amateur dramatics. In fact, she was part of a musical theatre school for 15 years! She still has a keen interest in amateur dramatics, as well as being a member of a choir. 

Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion and Safeguarding: Ms Karen Hulbert

Mrs Hulbert joins the team at St Theresa's having working at one of our sister schools for over 10 years since qualifying as a teacher following a career in industry and commerce.  Ms Hulbert is an experienced SENDCo and Safeguarding Lead and we are absolutely delighted to be be welcoming her to our school community.  We know how much she is looking forward to getting her established in our school and will add greatly to the traditions and reputation of our school as an inclusive school where all can thrive and prosper. Ms Hulbert will lead the schools' Inclusion Team as well as coordinate the provision for Special Educational Needs for our most vulnerable pupils. 

Administration Staff

Our Administration Staff will work really hard to help with all kinds of enquiries from school dinners to admissions to general queries about school life.  They will greet you with a smile and it would be great if you smiled back!


Mrs Childerson Business Manager for HR

Mrs Clark Business Manager for Finance

Mrs Jackson BASC Administrator

Mrs Collins Lunchtime Admin 

Mrs Hart BASC Admin

Teaching and Learning Staff from September 2024

Welcome to our Teaching and Learning Staff Page.  Our teachers and support staff work as partners in the learning process.  All our staff are deeply committed to the children in their care and work hard for them so that they can all achieve their full potential..

Nursery Staff

Mrs Tunstall

Mrs Rachford 

Mrs Endecott 

Mrs Barlow 

Mrs Teahan 


Foundation 2/Reception

Mrs Goodwin: Phonics Lead

Miss Nicholson

Miss Jones

Mrs Taylor 

Mrs Kelleher 

Mrs Fletcher 


Key Stage One Staff

Year One

Mrs Moore

Mrs Miller

Mrs Schmidt 

Mrs Squire 

Mrs Fletcher 

Year Two

Miss Wordsworth

Mrs Acharya

Mrs Jeffreys

Mrs Fletcher 

Mrs Todd 

Key Stage Two Staff

 Year 3

Mrs Carrington

Miss Fisher

Mrs Langham 

Mrs Pearce 

Mrs Todd 


Year 4

Mrs Gammon McGee

Mr Bracchi

Mrs McNutt 

Mrs Nuttall

Mrs Priestley


Year 5

Mrs Cheung

Miss Walker

Mrs Ediker 

Mrs McNutt

Mrs B Speight

Miss King

Year 6 

Miss Mulkeen

Mrs Wells

Mrs Winston

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Duree

Other Key Staff including SEND Staff

Mrs Speight  (HLTA and Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Miss Rowland (Child and Family Support and Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Miss Bagshaw (Emotional Support and Well-Being Lead)

Mrs Crowley (PPA)

Mr Rowley (Sports Coach)

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Taylor: Lunchtime Lead

Mrs Kelleher: First Aider

Mrs Gaughan

Mrs Allanson

Mrs Senior

Mrs Greenfield

Mrs Winstanley

Mrs Celebi

Mrs Puliokiene

Mrs Barker

Mrs Duree

Mrs McInnes

Miss Caygill

Mrs Bowers

Premises Staff

Our premises staff work very hard to keep our school safe, clean and secure. 

Mrs Allanson

Mrs Barker

Mrs Senior

Mr Todd: Site Supervisor

Before and After School Club (BASC) Staff

We offer a full service of wrap around care in school and details of this can be found on the website here: BASC Details.

The BASVC staff work very hard with our young people to make their experience as valuable and enjoyable as possible. 

Mrs Jackson: BASC Administrator

Mrs Hart: BASC Receptionist

Mrs Greenfield

Mrs Puliokiene

Mrs Langham

Mrs Bowers

Miss Caygill

Mrs Teahan

Mrs McInnes