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St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

Walking in Theresa's Little Way

Curriculum Offer

The purpose of this page is to inform parents about the curriculum that is on offer at St Theresa's.  This is a Catholic school so our prime purpose is to provide a child-centred and creative education (curriculum) in a Christ-centred environment.  This is encapsulated in our Mission Statement and Aims which can be found here.

This is our Curriculum Intent statement: it encapsulates our hopes, dreams and aspirations for our children and young people.


Statement of Curriculum Intent

St Theresa’s School is committed to teaching an inspiring and creative curriculum to its children and young people. We aim to make happy memories that will last forever and encourage them to be life-long, independent and resilient learners who are prepared to take their place in the world and shape it for the better.  We hope to give them the confidence to develop all their talents, gifts and skills so that all might reach their full potential in whatever aspect of life they wish to pursue in the future; we will inspire the next generation to become the very best they can be and have a positive effect on everyone they live, work and come into contact with.

We want to develop physically and mentally healthy, kind and loving future adults by teaching them about the love of Christ and how it can motivate them to do good for all, especially for the poor and vulnerable in our world; we want our young people to make a difference to their world and the world of those they meet. We want them to always “Walk in Theresa’s Little Way” wherever they go in their bright and brilliant futures.  We are determined that our young people will achieve highly, walk humbly and love tenderly as they journey through life.

To achieve this our curriculum is personalised and structured to facilitate deep learning; it is ambitious, challenging and relevant; it should be fun, filled with exciting first-hand experiences and be based in our local context so that it is meaningful to our children.

The curriculum is delivered by staff who care deeply for our young people and who are prepared to go the extra mile for them so that they can learn in an atmosphere inspired by the values and virtues of the Catholic Church where all feel nurtured to full human wholeness.

Until you spread your wings… you’ll never know how high you can fly!

St Theresa’s School Staff, Governors and Children, Updated Spring Term 2020


The Implementation of the Curriculum:

The curriculum at St Theresa's has been developed over many years and we have spent the past couple of years fine-tuning it to make it bespoke for our young people and their context.  Below is the long term curriculum plan which forms the basis of what we teach and when.  


Long Term Curriculum Plan: 2022-2023

Subject leaders and middle leaders have worked hard to ensure that there is complete coverage of the National Curriculum within our context.  This is an exciting time for the school and our young people.  On the pages below you will find more detail about how our curriculum has been planned for our children.


Core Curriculum 

The Core Curriculum subjects are:


Wider Curriculum

The wider curriculum has been divided up into two types of subjects:

Driver Subjects:

Enhancer Subjects: