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Welcome to the Board of Governors’ page

Below is a table of the current Board of Governors at St Theresa’s School.  As you can see we have 12 Governors and 7 of them are Foundation Governors i.e. those appointed through the Church to uphold the Catholic ethos and distinctive nature of our Catholic School.  We also have a Local Authority Governor, two Parent Governors and a Staff Governor along with an Associate Governor who monitors Health and Safety on behalf of the staff and their professional associations.


Please see the letter below following the Parent Governor Elections in December 2020:

Chair of Governors’ letter; successful Parent Governor Dec 2020 


Chair of Governors: Mr M Nicholson
01/09/21 to 31/08/25
Vice Chair (shared): Mrs A Barnicle and Mrs L Oswald 01/09/21 to 31/08/25
Head Teacher:


Mrs J Ryan 



Foundation Governors: Deacon S Quigley 14/11/20 to 13/11/24
Mrs M Mahoney 22/09/21 to 21/09/25
Mrs S Kneeshaw 08/02/24 to 07/02/28
Mr M Nicholson 01/09/21 to 31/08/25
Mrs A Barnicle  01/09/21 to 31/8/25
Mrs K Gilmore  06/11/21 to 05/11/25
Mrs R Dowling-Brown  08/01/24 to 07/01/28
Staff Governors: Mrs C Carrington 01/09/21 to 31/08/2025
Mrs J Ryan Head Teacher Governor
Parent Governors: Mrs N Tasker 17/06/22 to 16/06/26
Mrs T Jacobs 14/12/20 to 13/12/24
Local Authority Governor: Mrs J Stones 01/09/21 to 31/08/25
Clerk to the Governors: Mrs S Hawkshaw
All communications should be addressed to the Chair of Governors, care of the school.


Please refer to the CONTACT US page of our website for the school address. 

In the spirit of open Governance there are a range of documents printed here for you consideration including the annual Governors’ Newsletter, the committee structure of the GB, the Terms of Reference and the GB Code of Conduct.   There is also the Governors’ Annual Review of Effectiveness statement:

2019 – 2020:

St Theresa’s GB Action Plan 2019-20 Review March 2020

2018-19 Annual Governance Statement 

Pen Portraits of Governors for Website 2019 – 2020

Register of business interests for website 2019 – 2020

Meeting Structure and Governors Responsibilities for 19-20

Terms of Reference Sept 2019

Governors Code of Conduct Sept 2015 (on-going)


Parents can also express their views about the school through OFSTED’s Parent View system which can be accessed through the following link:


Governors have attended training where needed and are keen to keep themselves up to date.  There are many aspects that governors receive training in so that they can better fulfil their role.  Such training includes safeguarding, finance, pupil premium, attendance and more.


If you wish to make a complaint and want to involve the Board of Governors then you need to make reference to the school’s Complaints Procedure on the link below:

Complaints Policy


Communication with Stakeholders Policy