St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

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Collective Worship and The Liturgical Calendar

Collective worship at St Theresa's is a vital part of how we express our faith with our young people.  There are well established routines for worship.  There is a progression document below to see how our expectations grow over time.  We want our young people to be involved in planning and delivering our Collective Worship.  

St Theresa Liturgy Progression

Our Liturgical Calendars are here: 

Liturgical Calendar Autumn 1 23

Liturgical Calendar Autumn 2 22 23

Liturgical Calendar Spring 1 24

Liturgical Calendar Spring 2 24

Liturgical Calendar Summer 1 24

Liturgical Calendar Summer 2 24

The materials below are what we use to help our young people plan and develop their understanding of good liturgy in the school:

Collective Worship in Our School

Collective Worship in our School