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Important Message for 6LM: Whitby 2022 Parents' Meeting!

Good evening parents/carers

I know a number of you have been wondering about the Whitby rezzi and why we haven't had a parents' meeting yet! Quite right too!  I'll have a word with myself!!  I have arranged a meeting with Miss Mulkeen and Mr Kearney for Thursday, 26 May 2022 at 4.30pm in the school hall.  This meeting will also be accessible via zoom and I will text out the link for this (or put it here for you) closer to the time.  I appreciate that 4.30pm is not the best time but I have a Full Governors' meeting that night too so it has to be then... all the other evenings between now and then are taken up. 

The meeting will last no longer than 45mins to an hour (depending on questions).  There will be a form coming out (E1 Information and Medical Form) hopefully tomorrow.  This needs to be returned ASAP please.  A full kit list will also be sent out with this form. 

I have been to Whitby many, many times and I know that asking you not to worry is like asking water not to be wet, but please have faith and trust in us... we know what we're doing and the children will have an amazing learning and social experience which will help them prepare brilliantly for leaving and for High School. Those of you who have had children go to Whitby before will know just what a brilliant experience it is.

Hope to see lots of you at the meeting in person or online.

God bless,

Mr Hutchinson

Year 6

 Hi, welcome to our page. Mr Kearney and Mrs Taylor teach 6DK and Miss Mulkeen and Mrs Winston teach 6LM. We work together to lead and nurture the children to become the very best versions of themselves - kind, considerate and hard-working members of society who are ready to go out into the world and make a difference.

Year 6 is a very special year for the children in our school. As Year 6 is our children's last year attending our wonderful school, it is our job to prepare them for high school: socially, mentally and academically (in our preparation for the end of year SATs). 

We participate in lots of exciting things throughout the year: a trip to Eden Camp War Museum, a residential trip to Whitby, Enterprise project (where the children run small businesses with the aim of making a profit from a starting budget) and many more. 

We hope that you enjoy viewing our class page and that it gives visitors an insight in to what a typical day in Year 6 looks like. 

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again in the future, 

The Year 6 Staff

Year 6 Confirmation Group: 10 Feb 2022

Current Field of Study: History

Year 6 are currently studying the impact of the World Wars on life in the 20th Century.  They have studied WW1 and WW2.  Please see the knowledge organisers below for what the children are learning in regard to these two major events in the 20th Century. 

Knowledge Organiser WW1

Knowledge Organiser WW2

6DK Trip to Eden Camp: Autumn 2021

6LM Trip to Eden Camp Autumn 2021