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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 class page.  There are two classes in Year 5: 5SC taught by Miss Coleman and 5SB taught by Miss Burton. 

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In Year 5 we are very passionate about every young person putting 100% effort into everything that they do. All adults are proud of any young person that does this and we actively encourage them to be proud of themselves. We profoundly feel that every young person has their own unique quirks and characteristics that make them exceptional and special. Ultimately, we love and support every single young person in our care and we will move mountains to do whatever it is that they need to be happy, safe and the best that they can be. 

Team Year 5! 

Malham 2023:

Please see the parents' information about the Malham residential for 2023:

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Class Calendars:

In 5SB: 

Homework and spellings are given out every Friday. Homework is to be returned the following Friday and the spelling test will be on Friday. 

PE is on a Friday so PE kit is to be worn all day. 


In 5SC: 

Homework and spellings are given out every Friday. Homework is to be returned the following Wednesday and the spelling test will be on Friday. 

PE is on a Friday so PE kit is to be worn all day. 

National Poetry Day 

 We were lucky enough to be visited by Matt Abbott, a very passionate and celebrated professional poet. We were thrilled during a morning assembly where Matt shared loads of his poems. The adults weren't too happy to hear a poem about excuses to get out of homework but the kids absolutely loved it! We were in stitches and our cheeks were definitely aching afterwards! 

We were then incredibly lucky to have an hour long session with Matt, where he signed many autographs and imparted his wisdom into writing poetry. We thought about metaphors for different days of the week, as well as our favourite place on Earth. We were all so inspired and loved every moment! 

Black History Month

In Year 5, we focused on Harriet Tubman for Black History Month. She was born into slavery in the 19th century in Maryland in America. We learned all about her horrific life where she slept in a disgusting, cramped hut at night with all of her family, and worked until she could barely stand on a plantation during the day. After years of enslavement, she fled into the woods and walked for weeks until she reached the state border of Pennsylvania, despite the threat of being caught by a slave catcher.

When she finally reached freedom, she felt lighter than air. But her delight only lasted for a year. She later realised that she could never be happy until she helped her family escape. And that is exactly what she did. She snuck back to her family hut on the plantation and led them to freedom. From this moment, she knew that it would be her life’s mission to help her fellow slaves escape. In total, she saved the lives of around 70 enslaved people by leading them through the Underground Railroad (the secret group of people who would help slaves to hide and travel to freedom). She remains to be an inspiration to us all.

As part of our learning about Harriet, we used drama to put ourselves in the shoes of Tubman and the other slaves who escaped. We then wrote Harriet an incredibly emotional letter which shared our immense gratitude for Harriet’s actions, some of us even offered to become part of the Underground Railroad and help others escape.

Forces: Autumn 2

Autumn 2 was jam packed full of very exciting experiments! We learned all about a selection of forces including: friction, gravity, water resistance and air resistance. We could definitely show Mr Newton a thing or two by the end of the six weeks! 

We were enthralled when building parachutes to test how quickly figurines would drop from the ceiling but nothing beat our incredible time building rafts. Although some didn't go quite as expected (it all added to the learning of course!), we had great fun testing the water resistance created by our rafts and competing to see whose could traverse a container the quickest. 

Rainforests (Geography): Autumn 2

Our learning has been wholly focused on South America. We became absorbed instantly into the geographical and human features of the continent. Before long, we could identify the countries, mountain ranges, volcanic clusters and iconic landmarks that make South America so fascinating. We further expanded our horizons and explored the climate zones and biomes of the continent.

Our Geography learning took over almost every part of our curriculum. We loved exploring the different layers of the rainforest in English and we dived into the Amazon rainforest in our book: The Explorer. 


Seed collecting and tree planting in our local community

 We were fortunate enough to be selected by the local council to take part in their eco-bid to plant more trees in our city. We went to Temple Newsam where we learned all about different species of trees and how to identify a number of seeds. Once we had collected these, they were sent to an atrium where future generations will be able to plant them around Leeds. 

We were thinking about our learning in RE where we learned all about God's creations and how we should take care of these. We became stewards of the Earth - and loved every minute of it! 

Design Technology Viking Longships 

 In small groups, we used all of our new learning to design our own Viking longships. We were all very respectful and courteous, making sure that everyone had some of their designs incorporated and sharing out which resources to bring in to build our ships. 

We spent all day making our Viking longships, using a template to create the shape and following the set of instructions that we had previously written. We then used paint and tissue paper to create the final designs that really brought the ships to life. We were so incredibly proud of what we managed to achieve together, and were thrilled to show the Year 3s who had an abundance of questions to ask us. 

Our trip to the Viking Yorvik Centre 

 We absolutely loved every moment! In our learning we had already looked at discoveries that had been made during the archaeological dig at Coppergate so it was fascinating to see the ruins for ourselves. We absolutely loved the ride where we took a tour of Coppergate as it would have been in the Viking era and were absolutely engrossed by the tour staff who told us all about Viking combs and money. 

Our workshop at the Dig certainly made a few eyes go wide! We had to dodge swords, axes, arrows and anything else the Vikings used in battle. Don't mess with the Year 5s - they can fight like a Viking! 

Autumn  1- The Vikings (History)

We absolutely loved our Viking topic! What an absolute blast! 

We began our learning by focusing on the key information in our knowledge organiser. We soon got a little bit wild though! We started timeline key events of the Viking invasion on toilet roll (this was definitely more challenging than it sounds!) and creating artwork based on the Norse gods. 

We became absorbed in the Norse way of life and were devastated when the half term came to a close. Many of our year 5 students have continued their own research and reading - what a love of learning! 

Space: Autumn 1

n our first term in Year 5, we started with a BANG! We focused on space which gripped us from the beginning of week 1, all the way through to the last day of week 7. 

Our highlights were:

  • working in teams to investigate each of the planets in our solar system 
  • making models of the Earth's orbit around the Sun, as well as the Moon's orbit around our planet
  • tracking our shadows throughout the day 

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