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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 class page.  There are two classes in Year 5: 5CW taught by Mrs Wells and 5SB taught by Miss Burton. 

In Year 5 we are very passionate about every young person putting 100% effort into everything that they do. All adults are proud of any young person that does this and we actively encourage them to be proud of themselves. We profoundly feel that every young person has their own unique quirks and characteristics that make them exceptional and special. Ultimately, we love and support every single young person in our care and we will move mountains to do whatever it is that they need to be happy, safe and the best that they can be. 

Team Year 5! 

Class Calendars:

In 5SB: 

Homework and spellings are given out every Friday. Homework is to be returned the following Friday and the spelling test will be on Friday. 

PE is on a Monday so PE kit is to be worn all day. 


In 5CW: 

Homework is given out every Friday and spellings are given out every Monday. Homework is to be returned the following Thursday and the spelling test will be on Monday. 

PE is on a Tuesday so PE kit is to be worn all day. 

Mrs O'Neill teaches 5CW on a Wednesday. 

Year 5 Viking Exhibition 

We all showcased our incredible creations! Various classes and adults from around the school came to visit our exquisite exhibition. We showed off the projects that we have spent many, many weeks creating at home. As you can see, there were a huge variety of different projects from longboats, to longhouses, from shields to plasticine models. Wow!  

Years 5 and 6 Sports Day!

We absolutely loved every moment of our sports day! Most of us had a go at a massive variety of events including: 70m sprint, 70m hurdles, egg and spoon race, sack race, relay race, 200m race and 400m race. What beautiful weather we had for the whole event, and how lovely it was to have all our parents and co-competitors cheering us on! 

Year 5 Transition Day to Corpus Christi 

We had a whale of a time! When we arrived, we all shared a collective worship before being split up into groups. We all had different experiences and loved each and every one! We got to try coding, cooking a fruit crumble, drama and trying Bunsen burners in science. In the afternoon, a number of groups joined together and we all got very active! We got to try our hands at table tennis, netball, dodgeball and even an inflatable obstacle course! What a day! 


Food technology (cooking fruit crumble):

PE (table tennis, netball and dodgeball):

Obstacle course:

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind week

For a whole week we will be focusing on how we keep our body healthy and how to keep our mind healthy too. Mr Kearney kicked off the week with a very entertaining assembly where we were introduced to the breakdown of the week to come. 


Monday: We had a whale of a time! We were exceptionally lucky that Miss Taylor (from 6DK) did a clubbercise class for all of us! There were some serious shapes being thrown and some serious sweat being dripped! What a workout! 

Monday: We then made our way to the field and did a very impressive daily mile! 

Wednesday: We focused on a healthy, balanced diet and talked all about the eat well plate. Then we got stuck in! We tasted a wide variety of different fruits, some of which we had never tried before! What a great experience! 

Wednesday: We were incredibly lucky to try inclusion sports. Mr Kearney and Mr Rowley talked us through how many people with disabilities adapt sports to suit them. The whole year group was fascinated by the adapted sports and were more than ready to give it a go! They absolutely loved our adapted version of wheelchair volleyball and we had many bumps during our blindfolded football. It was very intense on our other senses to start with but we certainly started to get the hang of it! 

Thursday: we had an incredibly varied experience during multi-skills. There were 8 different stations including: penalty shootout, tennis keepy-upys, throwing beanbags, netball shooting, hockey dribble and shooting, cricket bowling, ladder runs and finally, tag rugby. 

We were all very warm afterwards but what a great experience in the sunshine! 

Friday: We absolutely loved the obstacle course! We were the first year group to get through the tallest hoops too! 

Friday afternoon: we absolutely loved our yoga session! We wanted to say a huge thank you to Mrs Acharia who gave up her own time to give us this wonderful opportunity. We learned so many new poses and positions and hopefully, many of us will continue to do it at home. 

Friday afternoon: we finished our week off in style! We loved our fun run this afternoon and so many of us could have kept going and going and going! 

Animals Including Humans: Summer 2

Our science this half term is all about human development. We will begin with an overview of the lifecycle of a human, developing our prior learning from last half term (living things and their habitats). We will then focus on the adolescent stage, in particular, changes during puberty. 

Summer 1- The Vikings (History)

We are so excited for our upcoming Viking topic, especially our trip to the Yorvik centre in York! Watch this space for updates on everything we learn! 

Malham Residential 

In Summer 1, Year 5 were lucky enough to go on residential overnight to the picturesque village of Malham in the Yorkshire Dales. What an absolute blast! 5SB were the first class to visit and battled the tempestuous weather but they didn't let that stop them! They enjoyed a walk to Malham Cove, fossil casting and a spot of geocashing in the evening. They may have been soaked but they enjoyed every moment! On their second day the class were blessed with the sunshine for their walk to Janet's Foss and Gordale Scar, evening managing to get in a cheeky ice-cream! 

5CW loved their residential just as much but they were certainly blessed with the weather! The class go to climb all the way to the top of Malham Cove where they stood in the footsteps of the Harry Potter cast and were awe-struck by the stunning view. They were also thrilled by the fossil casting and geocashing (which was much drier thankfully!). There was some controversy about who won though! The class also loved the team challenges and I'm sure had a few local heads turning at all the enthusiasm! Their second day was also filled with incredible walks to Janet's Foss and Gordale Scar. 


Overall, Year 5 had an incredible time on their residentials and did the school proud. I'm sure they are all looking forward to Whitby next year! 


Rivers (Geography): Summer 1

We have absolutely loved our topic on rivers this half term. Not only have we been gripped by our class text (Floodland), we have also seen a lot of our new, sticky learning for ourselves in Malham. What a topic! 


Living things and their habitats: Summer 1

To kick off our summer, we are diving into biology. Fingers crossed the sun will allow us to get out and about to see what we are learning about up close! 

Science Week: Whodunnit Detectives

As our science week finale, the school was plunged into controversy. Someone stole all the chemicals from the science cupboard! The sneaky thief left a note demanding that all chemicals should have been put away. They also left a set of fingerprints at the scene. It was down to us to solve the riddle! Only 3 members of staff were given access to the cupboard: Mr Hutchinson, Mrs Ryan and Mr Kearney. We tested each of the adults' pens using chromatography against the ink used in the note left at the scene. We then used fingerprint analysis to identify our culprit. We finally put all of our clues together and realised our criminal was none other than Mr Hutchinson! 

Science Week: Dry Erase 

One of our most challenging obstacles this week: making ink dance! We drew images on the base of plastic containers (ensuring that we never took the pen off the plastic) and then used water to lift the ink. It is certainly not as easy as it sounds! Have a go at home:

Science Week: Model Cars 

What an afternoon we had! We built model cars from household items and used wind power to make them move. After blowing up a balloon attached to our cars (which left us with a few red faces!), we raced our wind powered cars!

Science Week: Lava Lamps 

As part of science week we worked in groups to create lava lamps. We used oil, alka seltza, water and food colouring in water bottles. Why not have a go at home?

Science Week: Mad Scientist Workshop 

Our second week back in school has been dominated by science. What a treat! We kicked our week off with a bang and created slime with our very interesting visitor. What a blast!  


World Book Day 2022

What an absolute blast! Our costumes were turning heads throughout the corridors this year. We had so many young people who had worked so hard on their costumes and who were thinking outside of the box. What imagination! 

The highlight of our world book day would have to be our shared reading with the Year 1 children. Every Year 5 absolutely loved sharing stories with the younger ones and talking about their favourite books. What a brilliant way to end a spectacular day! 

Modern Greece (Geography): Spring 2

Greece, Greece, Greece! We loved our learning about Ancient Greece so much that we just couldn't think about anything else! So many of us were asking about Greece in the modern world that we had to delve in deeper! We were particularly interested in comparing the geography of the UK to Greece and (surprise, surprise!) we all preferred the Greek climate! We have learned so much that we have produced absolutely beautiful leaflets trying to attract tourists to the country we have begun to fall in love with! 


Classifying Materials: Spring 2

This half term we have continued our learning about classifying materials. We built on what we learned in Spring 1 and developed our understanding of how to separate materials once they have been combined together. We then discussed reversible and irreversible changes. It was fascinating to see so many of these changes before our own eyes! 


Seed collecting and tree planting in our local community

 We were fortunate enough to be selected by the local council to take part in their eco-bid to plant more trees in our city. We walked to Manston Park where we learned all about different species of trees and how to identify a number of seeds. Once we had collected these, they were sent to an atrium where future generations will be able to plant them around Leeds. 

After the new year, the local council were so impressed with our enthusiasm and dedication to improving our community that they invited us back to plant saplings. We worked exceptionally hard to create the most hospitable new home for the trees that we could. We are so proud to say that we planted so many that the council ran out of trees to give us! We must have planted over 200! 

Classifying materials: Spring 1

This half term has the most experiments perhaps ever conducted within a school term! We have loved every moment! Our vocabulary has been expanded further than we ever thought possible as we have assessed materials on properties such as their: electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, flexibility, magnetism, solubility, absorbency, transparency and permeability. 


St Theresa's Ancient Greek Olympics!

 As part of our history learning we recreated our own Olympics in the classrooms. As you can see, we had immense fun! 

Ancient Greece (History): Spring 1

Right from the get-go, from the moment we first found the location of the Ancient Greek empire and plotted the key events on a timeline, we have been drawn into the fascinating world of Ancient Greece. 

Each of us has been gripped by the different mythological gods, heroes and most importantly, the creatures! This has infused into every aspect of our learning, including our writing. Not only have we written very intricate and clever complex sentences, but we have recounted the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur with impeccable precision. 

Dr Diane Davies Workshop 

We were exceptionally lucky to play host to the only British archaeologist specialising in the Maya. In a fascinating demonstration, she talked us through the Maya way of life and showed us a plethora of different artefacts that she had collected throughout her career. 

We then separated into class groups where we were lucky enough to get even closer to some near priceless artefacts. It was mind-blowing to think that we were sat in front of items that were used so many years ago in a country so far away from our own. 

The Maya (History): Autumn 2

 What a thrilling topic! We immediately felt ourselves immersed into a culture that began thousands of years ago on the other side of our planet.

We became experts in all thing related to the Maya, so much so that the only official expert (Dr Diane Davies) was scouting for potential recruits on her next expedition into the rainforest! 

We used all of our previous learning about the rainforests to consider how ancient Maya lived. We delved into their daily lives including the food that they ate, the religion that they practised, the games that they played, the number system that they used, the writing that they developed and the calendar system they used. 

Forces: Autumn 2

Autumn 2 was jam packed full of very exciting experiments! We learned all about a selection of forces including: friction, gravity, water resistance and air resistance. We could definitely show Mr Newton a thing or two by the end of the six weeks! 

We were enthralled when building parachutes to test how quickly figurines would drop from the ceiling but nothing beat our incredible time building rafts. Although some didn't go quite as expected (it all added to the learning of course!), we had great fun testing the water resistance created by our rafts and competing to see whose could traverse a container the quickest. 

Rainforests (Geography): Autumn 1

We began our journey closer to home than some of Year 5 may have expected. We learned all about the different parts that make up the UK as well as the wider continents and oceans. We expanded this even further and created our own models of longitude and latitude using only paper plates and straws! 

Our learning then focused in on South America. We became absorbed instantly into the geographical and human features of the continent. Before long, we could identify the countries, mountain ranges, volcanic clusters and iconic landmarks that make South America so fascinating. We further expanded our horizons and explored the climate zones and biomes of the continent.

Our Geography learning took over almost every part of our curriculum. We loved exploring the different layers of the rainforest in English and we wrote absolutely stunning non-chronological reports to demonstrate our new understanding.  


Space: Autumn 1

n our first term in Year 5, we started with a BANG! We focused on space which gripped us from the beginning of week 1, all the way through to the last day of week 7. 

Our highlights were:

  • working in teams to investigate each of the planets in our solar system 
  • making models of the Earth's orbit around the Sun, as well as the Moon's orbit around our planet
  • tracking our shadows throughout the day 

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