St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

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School Closure Information

It is VERY rare that we would ever need to close the school except in exceptional circumstances.  The Covid-19 Pandemic has been one such period when there has been many school closure days and the school's policy for CV-19 can be found below.  We very occasionally close the school because of snow and health and safety concerns.  The school's Snow Policy can also be found by clicking in the link below:

NEU Strike Action 5th/7th July 2023: UPDATE:

Please see the letter below about the strike action planned for Wednesday 5th and Friday 7th July 2023:

Letter re strike July 2023.pdf

Please also see the leaflet below that the NEU have produced to reassure parents about the proposed strikes.

Thank you for your continued patience; the right to strike is enshrined in law and we hope that you will respect the decision of our staff who may take that difficult decision to strike, if that is what they decide to do... no one involved in any form of industrial action does so lightly. 

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter

Mr Hutchinson and Mrs Ryan

Snow Policy

Covid-19 Pandemic Closures

Remote Learning Policy and Practice