St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

Walking in Theresa's Little Way

Virtual Tour of the School

Please click on the links below to see the separate sections of the virtual tour of the school.  It has been broken down into bite size pieces so that you can visit the parts you want without having to take the full tour.  Grateful thanks to Mr R Maw at  who has put this together for us. 

 Virtual Tour  


 Main Entrance  

Bike Shelter       


Secret Garden - View 1  

School Campus Overview

Car Park                              

Playground - View 1       

Playing Field      


Nursery - View 1              

Nursery Play Area - View 1

Foundation Room A - View 1 

Foundation Room B - View 1 

Foundation Play Area 1

Year 1 - Classroom A 

Year 1 - Classroom B  

Year 2 - Classroom A  

Year 2 - Classroom B   

Year 3 - Classroom A 

Year 3 - Classroom B 


Year 4 - Classroom A 

Year 4 - Classroom B   


Year 5 - Classroom  A

Year 5 - Classroom  B 

Year 6 - Classroom  A 


Year 6 - Classroom  B 

Group Room - Example A

Group Room - Example B


Main Hall            


Extended Learning Room


Hygiene Room                  Boiler Room