St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

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The final of the Initiation Sacraments of the Church is Confirmation.  This takes place in Year 6 at St Theresa's.   Confirmation candidates (The Confirmandi) will have made their first confession and their first holy communion in Y3 and Y4 respectively.  They will be very used to the Family Catechesis model that we use in the St John Henry Newman Parish. This programme has begun and classes are taking place on Tuesday and Friday nights after school led by a team of catechists from the Parish.  

The children will be confirmed on Wednesday 8th February 2023 at Corpus Christi Church - 7pm

Y6 Confirmation Class 2023: 8 February 2023

Year 6 Confirmation Group: 10 Feb 2022

Further information about the confirmation programme can be found on the Diocese of Leeds website here: