St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

Walking in Theresa's Little Way

Autumn Term 2023 Newsletters


 Please read this week's newsletter:

Newsletter 13 Autumn term.pdf

Newsletter 12 Autumn Term 2023.pdf

Newsletter 11 Autumn Term 2023.pdf

Please click the link for information about the Sensory Wonderland

which will be held at the Light on 16th and 17th December.


Newsletter 10 Autumn Term 2023.pdf

Newsletter 9 Autumn Term 2023.pdf


Please see an online version of the milk letter that has been sent out this week. You can click on the links to register your child.

CoolMilk Parent Letter Nov 23.docx 

Newsletter 8 Autumn Term 2023.pdf

Newsletter 7 Autumn Term 2023.pdf

Newsletter 6 Autumn Term 2023.pdf

Newsletter 5 Autumn Term 2023.pdf

Newsletter 4 Autumn Term 2023.pdf

Newsletter 3 Autumn Term 2023


 Please read the information below about the upcoming flu immunisations. Make sure you register for your child to be immunised by Friday November 17th. There is to register your child on the parent letter below:

Flu Immunisation Parent Letter

Questions about children's flu vaccination.pdf

Newsletter 2 Autumn Term 2023.pdf

Newsletter 1 Autumn Term 2023.

Morning drop-off

Children from Year 2 upwards who are able to walk up the path independently may use the drop-off system from 8.40am.

Doors open at 8.45am and school starts promptly at 8.55am.

F1 (Nursery) enter through the nursery doors.

F2 (Reception) enter through the F2 doors in the back playground - turn right at the top of the drive.

Year 1 enter through the Y1 doors in the back playground - again turn right at the top of the drive and go through the gate.

Years 2 and 3 enter through the main entrance - please wait outside the main door until a member of staff opens the doors at 8.45am.

Years 4,5 and 6 enter through the door in the back playground. Turn left at the top of the drive and go through the gate near the kitchen into the playground. A member of staff will open the door at 8.45am.

End of the School Day

F1, F2 and Year 1 pick up from the classroom doors.

Years 2, 3 and 4 dismiss from the back playground.

Years 5 and 6 dismiss from the bottom of the drive near the car park - please wait in the area near Little Rascals.