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Summer Term 2021 Newsletters

Welcome to the Summer Term Newsletters page!

Your summer term newsletters will appear here after the Easter holidays! Please click on the relevant links!! Enjoy.

Summer Term (2) Newsletters 2021:

Newsletter 1 25 June 2021

Below you will find all the updates that were put on the COVID-19 Notification Page in the Summer Term 2021:  (Normal Newsletters were not prepared at this time)

Friday, 23 July 2021

Hi everyone.  It’s been a very busy week so far today.  Sadly we have had to ask 3KH parents to keep their children at home (or collect them) yesterday following another positive case in school.  Can’t enforce the bubble closure but parents are acting on our advice which we are very grateful to them for.  We are just trying to get to the end without anyone else getting seriously poorly.  It also means that we can’t say a proper St Theresa’s goodbye to Miss Hartshorne but we will invite her back next year to do that.

This morning we are having a leavers’ style assembly that essentially will be a Prize-Giving Assembly.  It’s not a leavers’ Mass as we celebrated them earlier in the week.  We are holding the assembly outside like we did for the Elsa celebration on Monday.  Sorry but we can really only invite Y6 parents/carers this time and they are limited to two adults per household so we can keep the numbers manageable.  We are hoping to start as near to 10.00am as possible.  My 10days are up yesterday so I will be in school today for this celebration.  We will also be doing the traditional Guard of Honour at about 3.20 for the Y6s when everyone else has been collected. 

Below are a few links to events that are taking place over the holidays.  The PDF has all sorts of events locally and then there are some hyperlinks to other things you can do with you young people in the holidays… it’s going to be a long summer!  Please take advantage of these opportunities:

List of Local Summer Activities for Young People July 2021

These are the hyperlinks to other activities:

We are excited to announce this year’s Summer Schedule in and around Seacroft!  As you will see most things you can just turn up for but we do have a few activities where you will need to book your place in advance.

To do this, please use the links below.

It will be first come, first served. There will be a free lunch or dinner at every activity.

Week 2 – Sports Camp

Week 2 – Unfolding Theatre

Week 3 – Creative Community Camp

Week 4 – Mosaic Making Workshops

Week 5 – Playbox events and Great Seacroft Bake Off

August Activities @ Kentmere Community Centre:

Monday – Cookery Classes for Girls Group

Wednesday – Yorkshire Dance & Dinner

Thursday – Brave Words Drama & Art

Elsewhere in Seacroft:

SCOT @ Denis Healey Centre

Just turn up!

Chapel FM Sound It Out Festival…/2021/06/next-gen-2-2-4/

Also look out for a Play Street Party near you and call Naomi 07542337839 if you want to find out how to host one on your street!  We can’t wait to share our summer with you!

We are all looking forward to the summer break now!  I’m sure you are too.  I am in the process of updating the website and going for a brand new look for September… might not be done immediately but we’ll certainly be giving it a go!  In the meantime, I have updated the CALENDAR page with 2021-22 dates and also the provision dates for 22-23.  Clink on the link! The term dates have also been updated on the Eduspot App too. 

Have a lovely summer and please stay safe!

Mr H and all the staff, Governors and children at St Theresa’s.

Sunday, 18/7/2021

Good morning,

Just a brief update on one or two things this week.

Elsa’s Celebration: You received a text about this yesterday.  Apologies that it went to the classes who are isolating at the moment (men!) but that is what happens when you send a text to ‘everyone’ on the system.  I know that staff have contacted you by Dojo or Tapestry but just to be clear; Nursery, Y5 and 4RM will not be in school tomorrow.  The rest of the school, unless they are unwell, should be in school as normal and in the rainbow colour that has been designated to your class.  I believe that class teachers have told which colour is which… if you’re not sure please dojo your class teacher.  The children will be getting a special treat at the end of the celebration which will go down very well in the current weather.

This is a celebration of our darling little angel, Elsa and we are deeply grateful to Hayley and John for working us with on this and helping us put it together.  Massive thanks also to Amelia, 3KH, 3GL and Miss Hartshorne and Miss Laidler (and many others!) for their help in coordinating this beautiful celebration. 

Leavers’ Masses:  The Y6 leavers’ Masses are taking place over the next two nights too.  Monday: 6LM and Tuesday: 6DK.  Please remember these children in your prayers.  We are also having a leavers’ assembly come prize giving on Friday at 10.00am but this is for Y6 parents only please.  Please limit the numbers of adults at these events to 2 please from each household.  Thank you.  Please also socially distance and please wear a mask.

Message from Fr Pat:  There is a message here from Fr Pat Wall about the return to Holy Mass after the lifting of restrictions tomorrow.  Please click on the link to Parish Page or open them here:

Letter from SJHN re return to Mass July 2021

Bishops’ Statement – Sunday it is our Day

Covid Restrictions:  I know… it beggars belief.  Please refer to the latest message on the COVID page by clicking on the link. 

Please stay safe… the virus is virulent at the moment and it is still making people very poorly. By no means is this over despite what is being said centrally.

With every good wish and sincerely in prayer,

Mr Hutchinson

Stay safe.   Stay strong.  Stay socially distanced.  Wear your mask and keep away from people not in your bubble! 

Friday, 11 June 2021

Next week: Just a little update for the end of the week. I am going to be away with the Y6s next week in Whitby so I won’t be in school.  If there are any urgent issues that need to be addressed by someone senior then please contact Mrs Ryan in school or wait for my return on Tuesday, 22 June.  I will be in school on Monday am and Friday pm but my focus will be on the residential ad ensuring that everything is ready and safe for that visit.  Just to reassure everyone, the visit is Covid-Safe and we will be in our own hotel in our own bubble.  I visited Whitby on Wednesday to do the final Covid-Safety checks and to complete the long walk to check for any changes to the landscape through coastal erosion; the route has been made safe following some significant erosion… one of the reasons we make this treat to study how this environment is so different to ours and the effects of the sea on that area! Perfect first-hand learning in a totally contrasting UK locality!

Whitby mornings (both)! 

8.40am: children arrive and go to the hall (parents/carers can wait in the drop off area)

The children need to have their blue hoodies on, their money in their wallets to hand over to their teachers and a packed lunch if they’re not having a cone of chips.

9.15 – 9.30am: leave for Whitby (parents/carers can wait and wave us off)

Keeping Children Safe:  We have been focusing in class this week on keeping our young people safe in all aspects of their young lives but most especially online.  You would be amazed at what they don’t know and how innocent some of them are with regards to how to stay safe.  It is vitally important that we (you and us!!) teach them what a wonderful thing being online is but how to access it safely and not put themselves in harms way. There will be more information about this in the coming days so please watch this space but in the meantime please be vigilant with your children and what they are accessing and watching online… and who they are talking to!

Please continue to be vigilant with the Covid regulations.  Thins are better but they are not finished.  Face coverings must still be worn on the site please… can we please pass this message on to everyone who picks up… regardless of whether or not they’ve been double (or single) jabbed!!

God bless,

Mr Hutchinson

Monday, 7 June 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

Good morning everyone!  I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine over SB half term holidays… it was certainly very welcome in the Hutchinson household! I have amended the message that I sent out on the Friday we broke up and some of the information below has not changed and is left there for your reference.

INSET Day:  You will know that we had to cancel an planned INSET day in the Spring Term due to LD3.  This INSET day has been approved by Govs last night to held on:

Monday, 21 June 2021 [School will be closed to pupils and staff who do not work a 39 week contract.]

New Staff:  We are losing three key staff at the end of this year; Miss Hartshorne and Mr McCarthy you already know about but Miss Laidler has also secured herself a new position at a sister Catholic school in Leeds.  She is moving to broaden her experience and be brilliant in a new environment.  It is always sad when excellent people, like the three people mentioned above, decide to move on to pastures new and seek promotion or new experiences.  However, it also provides opportunities for us to bring new people in to school with new ideas and a new perspective.  The following staff have been offered new contracts or have been appointed to the school:

Miss Wordsworth will be staying permanently with us after Ms McGee returns from Mat Leave.  Miss McGee will also be returning in September 2021.

Mrs Jones, one of our students this year, has been appointed to a permanent position.

Miss Burton, a new teacher to us, has been appointed to a permanent position; she joins us from Whitkirk school as an experienced teacher and we are delighted to welcome her to the St Theresa’s Family.

I will notify you who is going where very soon into the new term.

Safeguarding Week: This week we are having a focus week on safeguarding.  This is will look specifically at online safety, safety in school and at home and will educate the children in how to make the very best choices that affect their mental health and well-being.  On Friday, 11 June we are going to hold a non-uniform day for the NSPCC; we can’t invite them in to school because you can only book them once every three years but we will be using some of their materials so it only seems right that we should try and support them and their invaluable work with young people.

Whitby 2021:  We are still expecting to go to Whitby with Y6 in the week beginning 14 June 2021.  This will be Covid-19 dependent but we are very hopeful that this will go ahead as planned. We are still expecting to go to Whitby on Monday 14th/Weds 16th June.  That said, if anyone becomes unwell in the meantime then it is essential that you let me know immediately then plans can be amended accordingly.

Malham 2021: A letter is being sent home this week to all Y5 parents regarding the Malham residential; please watch out for it.  Thank you.

Reading:  We have a good  number of reading books that seem not to have been returned to school.  Please can you have a really good look at home and see if you can find any that can be returned after SB Holiday.  This is important… please have a good look for us. Thank you.

Old School Bricks: We have sent home an order form for a brick from the old building with a commemorate plaque on them. There is a limited supply of bricks so if you want one then you will need to return your form on Monday, 7 June please. First come… first served.

Nursery Provision: Nursery would very much like your help please!  They are creating a woodwork area and a Tinker Table for the children to play and learn with.  Please can you have a look round at home and see of you have the following:

Woodwork area:

  • Off-cuts of wood
  • nuts and bolts

Tinker Table:

  •  Old electrical items (broken obs!) please remove the plugs/batteries
  • Radios, toaster, cameras, old phones

Please can you hand them in at the Nursery or give them to me at the drop off… Mrs T is giving me a box for drop-off stuff!

BASC:  Can I respectfully remind parents/carers that they are not allowed to drive up to the turning circle at any point during the day… be that early morning or late afternoon.  This is to preserve the integrity of the staff parking area and also to stop cross fertilisation between cars and people.  Please can this message be passed on to DADS who are the worse culprits, especially those who don’t pick up very often! Can I also remind ALL Before School parents that the provision does not start till 7.30am?  There is a bit of time creep going on at the moment with people being dropped at anything from 7.15am.  I appreciate people have got to get to work but my staff have also got to be able to set up the provision without having to supervise before 7.30am. Thank you again for your cooperation here.

Covid Update: Although things are gradually getting better (and they really are) there is still a great deal of anxiety out there about the so-called ‘Indian Variant’ of Covid that is rapidly spreading in the Kirklees region… you don’t have to be virologist to work out that it won’t take a lot for that strain to make its way across the M62 and arrive in the Leeds area.  People need to be mindful.  People need to be sensible and avoid very crowded places, especially indoors and people need to be vaccinated as soon as they are able.  There is no room for complacency here if we want the 21 June plan to be enacted. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT PEOPLE REMAIN VIGILANT AT THE MOMENT… THIS IS BY NO MEANS OVER. Please maintain your levels of social distancing and please continue to wear a face-covering on site… I know… but this is what is keeping all our community safe and well and it does appear to be working.  Thank you again for your continued support here.

SUNSHINE POLICY:  We have a quite strict policy around the summer!  Summer uniform is very much the order of the day now and I would encourage you to allow your children to dress in summer uniform if you can. This is what constitutes summer uniform:

Blue Gingham style dresses/dress-skorts with white or blue socks and school shoes.

White polo top (logoed if you wish… you can get them from the uniform shop but this is NOT a requirement… a plain white polo top is just fine); grey school shorts and grey socks and school shoes.

Team Theresa’s Kit should only be worn on the day when your child has PE; trainers can be worn on days when TT Kit is being worn.  Y6 are allowed to wear their TT kit as a Y6 privilege and to ensure they get the full wear out of it before leaving.

Whitby and Malham Hoodies can also be worn by Y5/6 once the Residentials have been completed.

Formal uniform can be always be worn at any time if you/they prefer… ties are not essential in the summer though.  F2 and Nursery have a summer style uniform all year round so there is no need to change this.  They should continue to wear their blue polo tops as they have all year but they can obviously wear the blue gingham dresses if they prefer.

With the warmer weather coming now, it is ESSENTIAL that children wear a hat to protect them from the sun.  They should also wear sun-screen that should be applied before school.  If you do want them to top this up then it must only be sent in a roller/stick format not a liquid based product.  Thank you for your cooperation here.

This is going to be a busy last half term… because they always are… and hopefully we will be able to do some of the lovely things that we like doing together before we finish for the summer.  We have a number of things up our sleeve but we are all waiting for the Government’s announcement on what will be allowed after June 21st.  My feeling is that it will be more of the same for a while… that is, continue with face-coverings, maintain social distancing and work from home if/when you can… but this is just me speculating!  Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine.

God bless you all,

Stay safe.   Stay strong.  Stay well.  Stay socially distanced. 


Stay at home and protect the NHS… Remember… It’s NOT over yet! 

Mr Hutchinson.

Friday, 7 May 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

Just a quick update on a couple of very important issues please:

Crisis in India: Thank you for the support you gave us last week for our India Crisis.  The children raised well over £400 (exact figure next week) which has been sent across to the Save the Children fund.  In future we will try and get this kind of collection online as well so that folks can send in online donations as well as cash as I know that lost of folks don’t carry lots of cash atm.  Thank you again for supporting this initiative.

Virtual Tour of the School:  Mr Rob Maw, Imogen’s dad, has performed a miracle for us and produced a virtual tour of our beautiful school.  He did this for us over Easter and has been putting the finishing touches to it over the past couple of weeks.  Please click on the link below to have a look at it… it really is stellar… the quality of the images are amazing.  This is for us to celebrate our wonderful school but also to give new parents an insight into what our school looks like, especially for those who have not managed to get round and see it yet.  Indeed some of you may not have been inside much either.  It’s well worth a look see.  Thanks Rob and family for doing this for us… massively in your debt!

Safeguarding Incident: Can I please draw you attention to the site I referenced last week; a site called  This is a site to be avoided at all costs as there is unrestricted access to our young people from whomever chooses to go on this site.  The child arrived at Omegle with just one click from TikTok.  I have spoken about the dangers of TikTok before.  Please refer to the parents’ guides below:

Omegle Parents’ Info

Tik Tok Parents Info April 2021

I suggest you really do check what your children are doing online again… with lockdown they have been very media savvy and dependent and this is not always a good thing.  Make sure your parent controls are on all of your devices that they have access too… including older siblings’ devices!

I cannot emphasise enough how vigilant you all need to be with your young people when they are online… they are literally a couple of clicks away from really harmful content.  This is a world that young people need to enter with great caution and guidance.

I have had to have serious words with some classes this week about the content of chat-lines (parties) on games like Fortnite (and others).  The kind of language being used would make your hair curl… and they’re hearing this on sites like YouTube, TikTok and the like, as well from older siblings and older children they mix with out of school.  We want to maintain the lovely atmosphere we enjoy in school where this kind of language is very rarely (if ever) used and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that we keep it so. We can only do this if we all work together.

Reading:  The access to Oxford Reading Owl has changed and you need to register the children differently to access the site freely.  Miss Laidler and Miss Nicholson have done a letter to explain all.  It is here:

Oxford Owl Letter April 2021

Please read this letter carefully and follow the links carefully so that you can continue to access the Oxford Owl site.  Thank you.

The importance of reading at home cannot be emphasised enough; this is the one area that you can have the biggest influence on your child’s development, especially when they are very young.  Practising tricky words, phonics and sight vocabulary words alongside hearing your child read their reading book (and practising it for fluency and understanding) and also reading to them are all invaluable.

Please read the letter above carefully and please log your child on to access the Oxford Owl books.  There is also the virtual library to look at too.

VirtualLibrary-St Theresas (1)

First Holy Communions: The FHC programme is coming to its conclusion over the next couple of weekends.  I did put the dates out last week but they ae here again for your consideration. Obviously, these celebrations have to be for IMMEDIATE FAMILY only please (no bending the rules here):

5CC: FHC Mass is on Saturday, 8 May at 2.00pm

5CW: FHC Mass is on Sunday, 9 May at 2.00pm

4RMc: FHC Mass is on Saturday, 15 May at 2.00pm

4SB FHC Mass is on Sunday, 16 May at 2.00pm

Enjoy.  There will be someone from senior leadership at each celebration but I can’t be at them all for obviously reasons… i.e. I wish to stay married!

Covid Update:  Things are definitely improving but by no means are we back to normal, normal yet.  Thank you so much for your continued kindness and patience with the situation.  It is appreciated by everyone.

God bless you all,

Stay safe.   Stay strong.  Stay well.  Stay socially distanced. 


Stay at home and protect the NHS… Remember… It’s NOT over yet! 

Mr Hutchinson.

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back after the Easter Break and once again, Happy Easter.  As I have said many times before, we are an Easter People!  By this I mean that we are a Church of the resurrection; without our belief in the resurrection of Jesus then our faith is nothing but the fine words and platitudes of a ‘good man’ rather than our sacred belief in Jesus as the Son of God, God made Man and the saviour of the world.  The Chosen One of God who opened the gates of Heaven for all those who believe in him by dying for us on the cross and rising from the dead! We are indeed an Easter People!

HRH The Prince Phillip: It was great to welcome everyone back into school yesterday.  The children may have mentioned that we gathered on the front playground to commemorate the life of HRH, the Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh whose sad passing happened over the Easter Break.  We had lowered the Union Flag to half mast during the period of National Mourning but we raised it to full height yesterday in line with regulations and protocols to mark the end of that period of mourning.  These are important events in our national consciousness and I believe it is very important for our young people to see them and mark them in powerful and memorable ways… it is about citizenship and British Values.  There were some pictures on the school Twitter page @StTheresasRCPS

The summer term, especially this half term is typically taken up with last minute revision and preparation for our national examinations and work towards our final assessments.  Once again this year the SATs and national assessments in school have been suspended but we are still working towards our own SATs week in Y6 where we will give the children the experience of what they would have been like and give them something to work towards.  As perverse as it might sound the children actually enjoy the tests and want to do them to test themselves against the previous generations in school who have so brilliantly represented our school with sustained high achievement.  We will not however be publishing these results as that is not appropriate nor will the children be put under any undue stress in taking them… it is for experience only and for staff to make their final, formal assessments and they will only be taking place in Y6.  The other teachers will be making their own end of year assessments which will be reported as normal in the end of year reports which will be sent out in July.  However, we are very much aware of the hybrid nature of the provision that our children have had this year and reports will reflect this.

There is much to do this term and what we hope for is a good long run in school with the minimum of disruption so it is VERY important that all families keep to the guidelines for COVID.  I know things are unlocking and this is great but it is not over yet and the last thing any of us want is a further lockdown either of classes or of the whole school.  Please be vigilant and please DO THE RIGHT THING and go with HM Govt’s advice…small steps please and then we can all enjoy the long summer ahead of us!

Parents’ Consultations:  Mrs Ryan has been organising these for the week beginning 3 May 2021 and letters/texts inviting you to make an appointment will be coming home very soon. We will be doing these consultations remotely so please book yours as soon as you get the letter.

Year 5 Residential to Malham: The Y5 residential to Malham has been planned for later this term and I will be sending out the letters for this trip this week.  The costs of this visit includes us using some specialists in geology  and science whilst we are at the Youth Hostel. Please look out for this leaflet and for the Malham Hoodie order which will be enclosed with it.

Summer Uniform:  I sent a text out yesterday regarding summer uniform.  Typically we start this after May Bank Holiday but the weather is unseasonably dry and warm so it is entirely appropriate to be wearing summer uniform now.  Summer uniform is still quite strict though! This is what constitutes summer uniform:

Blue Gingham style dresses/dress-skorts with white or blue socks and school shoes

White polo top (logoed if you wish… you can get them from the uniform shop but this is NOT a requirement… a plain white polo top is just fine); grey school shorts and grey socks and school shoes

Team Theresa’s Kit should only be worn on the day when your child has PE; trainers can be worn on days when TT Kit is being worn.  Y6 are allowed to wear their TT kit as a Y6 privilege and to ensure they get the full wear out of it before leaving.

Whitby and Malham Hoodies can also be worn by Y5/6 once the Residentials have been completed.

Formal uniform can be always be worn at any time if you/they prefer.

Summer uniform usually includes a hat for the sun, especially when it starts to get really warm and sunny… like it is NOW! We also ask that children have sunscreen added before school on very hot and sunny days.

The biggest infringement with summer uniform is usually school shoes!  I know it’s tempting to wear trainers with shorts/dresses but it’s really not fair to wear trainers when others are doing the right thing and wearing school shoes!  This is when our children who always do the right thing and wear school shoes get upset… and rightly so!

Easter Egg Raffle: 

Just a big thank you to everyone who bought tickets for the Easter Egg Raffle.  It was slightly strange doing it remotely but I do think the kids loved it! We also made £525.60 for the Good Shepherd Collection which is AMAZING… thank you so much.  Just a little anecdote… Mrs Tunstall bought the Easter Bunny which was the final prize drawn and it was won by a Nursery child (very fitting).  Mum sent in a message on Tapestry saying that the Bunny has not left his side since he won it! Beyond cute!!

An update on Leeds’s infection rates

Although the second step on the roadmap of easing restrictions took place on Monday, the actions of every Leeds resident still make a crucial difference to COVID-19 infection rates in our city.

There is a lot to begin to enjoy again and look forward to, but we need to continue to be cautious and keep infection rates low.

The COVID-19 infection rate for Leeds is now below the Yorkshire average down to 56.9 per 100,000, with the rate for over 60’s at 22.4 per 100,000. Positivity rate this week has also dropped to 2.9%.

But what we are seeing is a growing number of younger people testing positive for COVID-19, so it is still really important that everyone, even if they have had a vaccine, follow the hands, face, space guidance and only meet people outside within the rule of six or two households.

This is the latest information from Leeds City Council (16 April 2021).  Although this is a big improvement on the previous data I published before the holidays it still shows that the virus is out there and we need to continue to be careful and follow guidance both in school and at home.  FACE COVERINGS SHOULD CONTINUE TO BE WORN ON THE SCHOOL SITE AS WELL AS STRICT OBSERVANCE OF SOCIAL DISTANCING. Thank you.

Stay safe.   Stay strong.  Stay well.  Stay socially distanced. 


Stay at home and protect the NHS… Remember… It’s NOT over yet! 

Mr Hutchinson.

Autism Awareness:  This week is also Autism Awareness Week and this is very important to us as a school and to lots of our children and young people.  We have a number of children in school with autism and we work hard to be as inclusive as we can of them and their specific and individual needs.  Mrs Strong and the Inclusion Team work tirelessly with all the staff to ensure that we have the best programmes we can in place to support al our children with additional needs especially those with a a diagnosis of autism.  The children will be learning about autism this week and this video will be at the heart of their learning alongside some of the thoughtful posters below: 

Awareness of the fact that people are different but the same is a cornerstone of what it means to be at St Theresa’s and to be a St Theresa’s child/person.  It is never about the individuals in our school but the individuality of all of us… we are Team Theresa’s and everyone is a part of that… no matter how special they are and in whatever ways that they are special.  We are all equal in the eyes of God and we should all be equal in the eyes of each other!

Arrival Times:  These seem to have gone completely out of the window at the moment with children arriving at any old time, especially those who are not supposed to be in until 9.00am! Year 4 and F2 shouldn’t be here till 9.00am please!  It also helps with the Flow in the car park! Thank you.

And finally for the now… not so gentle reminder; unless you are exempt then you should STILL be wearing a face covering on site… and please for love of all that is holy stick to the new regulations!  Up to 6 OUTSIDE from two households… not half the street! Outdoor sports only please. Thank you.

The information below is still VERY relevant for this week which is why I have left it blue! PLEASE SCROLL DOWN!  

Friday, 26 March 2021: Update

Dear Parents/Carers

I have just updated the LCC Risk Assessment for the new regulations from 29 March 2021 including some of the unlocking procedures and systems especially for returning staff (and sports!).

All of Year 3 will return next week (at various points) and it will be great to have them back in school.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not exceed the regulations this weekend and beak your support bubbles; the last thing I want to have to do is collapse bubbles in school and prevent people from being able to access the Easter break properly because they are self-isolating.  Please just do the right thing for everyone’s sake.

Palm Sunday: We enter Holy Week this Sunday with Jesus’s Triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey where the people waved palms and branches and hailed him the King of the Jews!  We will watch and learn how those very same people betrayed him and had him crucified on Good Friday which is NEXT FRIDAY (another day of Fast and Abstinence).  We sent home a Palm Cross with your child today for Palm Sunday; please talk to them about Palm Sunday and Holy Week and the events that happened in the very first Easter week; Easter is so much more important than Christmas yet it gets nowhere near the same amount of attention in society.  Talk to your children about what happened at the first Easter and what a sad week it must have been for Jesus knowing that he was going to be crucified but how brave he was in facing all his difficulties.

Easter Egg Raffle:  If you haven’t bought tickets yet then please have a go!  You can but tickets (20p each; 6 for a quid!) up to and including the end of play on Tuesday.  We are having the draw on Weds at some point in the morning!  This is truly one of the highlights of the year!  Thank you to Mrs H for her kind donation of Eggs to get us going!

Easter Holidays:  Just to avoid any confusion:

We break up on Thursday, 1 April 2021 for Easter

We return on Monday, 19 April 2021 for the Summer Term! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone and as always…

Stay safe.   Stay strong.  Stay well.  Stay socially distanced. 

Stay at home and protect the NHS… Remember… It’s NOT over yet! 

Mr Hutchinson.