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St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

Walking in Theresa's Little Way

The Curriculum at St Theresa's

We have been working hard on the curriculum at St Theresa's over recent times and have amended it accordingly to make it match our context, our location and our young people's interests and need. 

The curriculum has been designed from Intent through to Implementation and Impact in each subject and we hope that you will be able to see what we have planned for our young people is both an exciting voyage of discovery and also one that will prepare for a life beyond our school.  We will develop key skills in communication in the spoken and written word alongside an ability to calculate and problem solve teaching learners to use and apply their knowledge in all subjects so that they can develop as creative, brilliant and enquiring life-long learners ready to 'walk in Theresa's Little Way' wherever they are on life's journey. 

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If you have any enquiries about the curriculum you should contact either Mr Hutchinson or Mrs Ryan and we will be more than happy to help. 

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