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St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

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Personal Social and Health Education (PHSE)

Welcome to the PHSE section on our website.  Miss Wordsworth is our PHSE leader.  She has worked closely with the out going PHSE lead, Mr Kearney, as she is an RQT and this is her first subject leadership role.

PSHE Statement of Intent

At St Theresa’s, we recognise that all our children are unique individuals. We believe our PSHE curriculum helps them develop attributes to thrive in our diverse society. Our learning supports pupils to live and learn in a Catholic environment, opening their knowledge to beliefs, religions, and cultural issues. It is important to enable an open environment giving all children confidence to share their own opinions. At age-appropriate levels, we discuss relationship and sex education based on our children’s understanding of marriage, family life, love and respect. By implementing our school moto ‘Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do!’ we teach the importance of moral, social, and spiritual ways, scaffolding children to know their self-worth. Our curriculum is relevant and adaptable, linking to real life scenarios and connecting with various subjects. Additionally, we develop the vocabulary of all our students to enable them to openly converse about their personal, social, emotional and mental health. Every day we provide children with holistic opportunities to keep themselves safe, be healthy and feel fulfilled.

Below are the school progression map and the whole school curriculum for PHSE.

Progression Map

Curriculum Overview

Anti-Bulling Leaflet

Anti-Bullying Week 2021

This year our Anti-Bullying Week campaign focused on ‘One Kind Word’. In school we fully participated and engrossed ourselves in learning more about the importance of being kind to one another.

On Monday the children all arrived at school in Odd Socks, following this 2GW and 6DK presented engaging assemblies teaching the important aspects of this week.

During this week we have had a whole school poster competition. There have been some incredible entries, made with lots of detail and love. Please enjoy our fantastic winning posters from various year groups.

Remember…. If you are going to do anything, say ONE KIND WORD!