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COVID-19 plans and the LCC Risk Assessment:

The March 2021 Plan for the Return of All Pupils.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Times: Summer Term 2021

Below is the latest version of the Leeds City Council COVID Risk Assessment.  This RA has been compiled for the 19 April 2021 for the Summer Term.  New or revised elements in the control measures are in red type:

LCC V5.09 – Covid 19 RA 25 June 2021 REVISED

LCC COVID-19 Flowchart for Parents and Carers

Remember the latest information below is always in BLUE type! 

Wednesday, 21 July 2021:

Without wanting to bombard you with information, this might actually help some of you who are really struggling at the moment and are worried about the holidays and feeding your kids.  We have arranged for WONDE vouchers for all our FSM kids in three batches of £30 per child per two week block for the holidays and you should receive them in the first week… if your child has FSM and you don’t get a voucher please email me. 

The following flyer though is for all our families who are struggling not just those who qualify for FSM.  Please do not be too proud to ask for this help… Mr Dyson, Head Teacher at Parklands, is very keen on tummies being filled in the summer, as am I.  I am deeply grateful to his team for sorting this for all Seacroft/Manston kids:

Parklands Children’s Centre FOOD Poster LS14 6ED

God bless, 

Mr H

Friday, 16 July 2021

This is a brief update on where we are with things at present.  The following classes are currently isolating:

Nursery: their period of isolation will end on Monday night and they can return to school on Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Year 5: their period of isolation will end on Thursday night and they will return to school on Friday, 23 July 2021

4RMc: their period of isolation will end on Friday night (23/7) and they will sadly not return to school this term.

This does mean that the virus is very active in our community at the moment and there are several staff and children self-isolating at the present time.  I strongly request that, regardless of the Government’s new regulations from the 19 July 2021, you maintain social distancing and wear a face covering on site for the remainder of the term.  Just because you can stop the measures doesn’t mean you should. Please protect our young people and staff so that we can all enjoy the summer… hopefully virus free.  

General Letter from PHE re COVID Infections

I was with 4RM on Monday which means that I too am self-isolating… this is why I haven’t been on the drop off and pick up.  It also means that I will miss most of the end of year events which I am not happy about at all because all of that is falling on my wonderful SLT (and office staff) and especially Mrs Ryan who has enough on her plate without having to do my job! All being well, I am hoping to be in on the final day of term as my period of isolation began on Monday, 12 July.  Your continued patience here would be appreciated and I would very much appreciate that you don’t burden her with things that can wait until September over the next few days.  If it is something that I can deal with then please email me at the usual address.  Thank you. 

 This is the advice that we have been given both in the document below but also from LCC:

  • We are going to maintain the current Risk Assessment from LCC

  • The procedures at the start and end of the school day will continue as normal

  • Bubbles will be maintained until the end of term

  • We are asking that you continue wearing face coverings on site please

The last thing we want are MORE bubbles closing between now and the end of term or classes having to self-isolate.  The Government’s guidance for schools is here:

Schools Guidance Step 4 JULY 2021

I would ask that everyone in our community continues to reflect on the mantra which we have adopted from Day 1 of this pandemic and that is this:

Just because we can do something doesn’t mean that we should!  

We have kept our community as safe as we have done by everyone playing their part and just like your children do… doing the right thing, because it is the right thing to do.  Please be vigilant.  Please act in the best interests of everyone in our community.  Thank you.

GENERAL COVID INFORMATION: It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that everyone is diligent with the virus at the moment as there are an increasing number of cases in school.  The symptoms of the DELTA variant are slightly different to those that have been reported previously so it is important that you are aware of them. Lots of schools locally have lots of bubbles closed and we have also had our fair share.  We must work together to ensure that we get to the end of term without any more bubbles going down. 

This is information we have been given by LCC officers about the Delta variant and the key symptoms to look out for:

Delta Variant Symptoms

As you are no doubt aware, the Delta variant of Covid-19 is now the most prevalent form of the virus in Leeds. The Zoe Covid Symptom Study, the largest ongoing global study of Covid-19, has highlighted that a headache, sore throat and runny nose are now the most common symptoms of the Delta variant, instead of a cough and loss of smell, although fever is still common. PHE colleagues have said anyone who suspects they may have Covid due to displaying any of the symptoms related to the Delta or earlier variants, should be encouraged to seek a test.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that everyone who can wears a face covering when on the school premises.  I will be outside handing masks out to those who have forgotten again each day.  If you are exempt then please wear your lanyard so that other parents can see that this is why you are not wearing a face covering.  This is how we can all play our part. 

I am also aware that there are lots of coughs and colds (and bad hay-fever) around at the moment.  Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell… it doesn’t help them or us to have them in school if they can’t concentrate or work because they are poorly and it also means that these extra viruses are just being spread throughout the whole community. 

Thank you for your cooperation and your on-going patience.  This is why we all need to be VERY careful at the moment.

Stay safe, stay well… stay socially distanced.

Mr Hutchinson


Newsletters: I have removed all the previous messages that were on this page and transferred them to the relevant Newsletter pages for the Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms.  This page had become very cluttered and I feel that some messages had been lost.  This page will now only be used for messages relating to COVID-19 issues as was originally intended.

Snow Policy:

This is where alerts regarding school being closed in an emergency will appear for example if the school is to be closed for snow or any other kind of emergency.

You should receive a text regarding school closures but there will be much more detail here regarding closures, reopening times and arrangements for sending the children home.

The school policy for Snow Closures is set out below:

St Theresa’s Snow Policy