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Welcome to Year 4’s Page!

Weds, 14 October 2020:


Can the parents of 4SB please read the following letter as a matter of urgency.

Notification Letter 4SB 14 October 2020

4SB will remain open tomorrow and until further notice unless there is a change in the situation.

Thank you,

Mr Hutchinson


This information is Historic:

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Hi everyone

All the other things on here are still relevant as is the link to the BBC Bitesize.  I have included some more Maths sheets if you want to do them both Band 3 and Band 4 (plus the answers); scroll down for them.

Below is the time table for Y4 for BBC Bitesize and you can also access the online lessons on the national Oak Academy for Y4 by following the links below:

BBC Bitesize for Y4:

Oak Academy for Y4:

English: Reading

There is a whole host of comprehension materials here.  Some are for Year 3 and some are for Year 4.  Mums and Dads should have an idea which will be best for you and if you’re not sure have a go at the Y3 ones and if they’re way too easy try the Year 4 ones:



I would suggest that you print one off at a time (if you have a printer) and if not then use your screen to read the story and then try and write down the answers or even just talk about them.  There are LOTS of them so spread them out over the next few weeks… DON’T do them all at once! Have a go!

English: Writing

I have included some spelling lists for you!  Have a go at them ONE WEEK AT A TIME… and don’t forget!  Learn them by using the technique… LOOK… COVER… WRITE… CHECK… CORRECT (if you need to)… then get mum or dad to test you at the end of the week!

Year 4 Term 3A Spelling Overview

There is also a writing suggestion sheet… you can have a go at this every day if you want or just pick and choose which day you want… there are suggestions of different styles of writing at the bottom… but if you just like writing a short story then do that!  But make sure you have a go at writing something.  If you want to, you can email it to me and I will have a look… I’m not promising to write back though but I will read them!!

Writing Ideas Year 4


There are some mental starters here to get you going and problems to solve!  Download and have a go with mums and dads or print a few pages off at a time if you can!

100 Mental Maths starters

I have put some NEW assertive mentoring KEY SKILLS sheets again today… CHECK 5 AND CHECK 6 (for both band 3 and band 4)  these are meant to be practised OVER and OVER till you can get as many as you can… ONE MORE each time is the mantra! Challenge yourself till you can get as near to 20-25 as you can!


Band 3 Check 5

Band 3 Check 5 Answers

Band 3 Check 6

Band 3 Check 6 Answers


Band 4 Check 5

Band 4 Check 5 Answers

Band 4 Check 6

Band 4 Check 6 Answers

Don’t worry if there are elements you can’t do… try White Rose Maths (you can find the link on this page) for videos to help with fractions or other areas of maths you might not be sure of.  The BBC Bitesize above and the Oak Academy lessons are also very good for Maths.

Take care.  Stay strong.  Stay well.  Stay safe.

Mr Hutchinson.

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