Sports Premium Grant (SPG) Funding

Welcome to the Sports Premium Funding page.

You may or may not be aware that we receive specific funding in school to promote Sport.  We receive in the region of £9800 per annum and we have sought to use this in the best way possible to support a variety of sporting activites across the whole school. We are a hugely successful school when it comes to sport especially at Football and Athletics.  We pride ourselves on having a wide range of fit, healthy and active children who are both competitve and fair minded.

Our motto for sport is: 

We play to win; but we accept victory and defeat with equal grace.

The biggest innovation that we have invested our Sports Premuim Funding in is a joint PE Specialist Teacher across all four feeder primaries and our High School in the East Leeds Catholic Cluster.  This teacher (Mrs Emma Lee) is a fantastic role model for our young people, especially our girls, and she has made a significant impact on standards in PE already across a whole range of sports and activities.

Please click on the link below to access the detail as to how we have spent the Sports Premium in 2018 – 2019:

Sports Premium Grant 2018 – 2019

We are proud to be partners in the Sporting Promise Scheme and The Active Schools programme and through these initiatives we look to promote sport in as many ways as we possibly can.  Our PE Leader is Miss Hartshorne and she does a fabulolus job… if you wish to know more about sport in our school then she is the best person to speak to.  Please click on the link below to see a paper prepared for the Active Schools adviser to show the impact of the Sports Premium on attainment and progress in our school as well as how we have used it to achieve great sporting success:

How was the SPG spent?

Sports Premium Funding 2017-2018

What impact did it have?

Sports Premium Grant 2017 – 2018 Reviewed Jan 2019

St Theresa’s was also presented with an award for Whole School Impact at the inaugural LCC Active Schools’ Awards in October 2016.  We are understandably delighted that our young people have done so well through their involvement in sport and high quality PE.

Please click on the link below to see how the Sports Funding Premium was used in previous years:

How the Sports Premium Funding is used at St Theresa 2016 – 2017

Impact Statement for PE and Sport September 2016

How the Sports Premium Funding is used at St Theresa 2015 – 2016

Impact Statement for PE and Sport Updated May 2016