School Policies

Welcome to our School Policy Statement page:

On this page you will find various school policies which are required by law to be published on our website.  Some are statutory, some are not, but all are here for your consideration.  Please click on the links below:

Statutory Policies:

Charging and Remissions Policy 2015-2016

Lettings Policy from Sept 2016

Behaviour policy June 2016 final

Behaviour Principles June 2016

Anti-bullying Policy for Children & Parents Sept 2015

Pupils’ Anti-Bullying Leaflet: 2015

Statutory Guidance – exclusion from 1 sep 2012 – june[1]


Data Protection Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

SEND Inclusion Policy Dec 16

Safeguarding Policy GB Updated Nov 2016

St Theresa’s Accessibility Plan 2016 – 2018 v2

Child Protection Policy 2016 – 2017 Updated Oct 2016

St Theresa’s SEND Offer

LCC Safe Working Practices for Schools

Admissions Policy Theresa’s 2015-16[1]

In-Year Common Preference Form (Transfer Request)

Race Equality Policy Statement

Complaints Policy Feb 2017 update

Policies concerning Health, Safety, Food and Medicines in School:

Asthma Policy Statement

Asthma Notification Form

Anaphalaxis Policy Statement

Anaphalaxis Notification Form

School_food_in_England_2015 (1)

Medicines in School Policy

Adminstration of Medicines Form

Sunscreen Policy

Wheelchairs on Site Policy (Incl Evac Chair Policy)

Other Policies:

Homework Policy Feb 2015

Entertainments Licence Policy Statement

Emergency Contact Form

Exceptional Leave Statement from LCC July 2013

Exceptional Leave Form

LCC Safe Working Practices for Schools

Whistleblowing Policy LCC

RE Policies including Collective Worship:

St Theresa’s RE policy revised autumn 2016

appendix 1collective worship 2016

appendix 2 spiritual moral etc policy 2016

appendix 3 R.E. resources

Appendix 4 Overview WTL & Other Faiths

Home school Parish policy appendix 5

British values SMSC at St Theresa’s

St.Theresa’s SRE Policy Jan 2017 Update