Pupil Premium Information

Statutory Information: Pupil Premium Funding

St Theresa’s School has been in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding for four years and we have endeavoured to use this money wisely to enhance the educational opportunities of our most disadvantaged pupils.

We have employed a range of strategies including a nurture provision for our most vulnerable pupils in Year 3 (in 13-14; the 2017 Y6 cohort) and continued this into Year 4 (14-15).  We have also employed a Speech and Language Therapist to work with our young people and train one of our TAs to continue this work; this has been particularly successful in identifying difficulties in the early years.  We also provide an extensive range of support for intervention especially for our Year 6s as they prepare for their SATs and their transition to High School.  We have tried to use the grant to support all our young people as this is how it is best used to support the learning of the most vulnerable in our opinion.

Please click on the links below to take to how the Pupil Premium has been spent and the impact that it has had on our most vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils as well as all our other children:

PUPIL PREMIUM GRANT review 2017-2018 Jan 2018 

The link below details how the Pupil Premium has been spent in previous years: