Our Staff

Welcome to our Staffing Page!

There are a lot of staff at St Theresa’s… over 70 if you count them all.  We all work hard as a team to provide the best possible education for the young people we serve.  The staffing structure is as follows:


Senior Leadership Team:

Head Teacher: Mr John Hutchinson

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs Jane Ryan

Assistant Head Teacher for RE and Catholic Life: Mrs Jane Ruane

Assistant Head Teacher for Inclusion: Mrs Annemarie Strong

Assistant Head Teacher for Teaching and Learning: Miss Kirsty Hartshorne

Teaching Staff:

Lower School: EYFS & KS1 The teaching staff work very hard to provide the very best learning opportunities for our young people. Upper School: KS2
Nursery Teacher: Mrs Claire Tunstall Y3: Mr Daniel Kearney Y3: Miss Gemma Laidler
F2: Mrs Lisa Miller F2: Mrs Jane Ruane Y4: Miss Danielle McGee Y4: Mr Richard McCarthy
Y1: Ms Acharya and Mrs Goodwin Y1: Mrs Kerry Moore Y5: Mrs Claire Wells Y5: Mrs Claire Carrington
Y2: Miss Kirsty Hartshorne Y2: Miss Sophie Nicholson Y6: Miss Lucia Mulkeen

Y6: Mrs Sarah Brown

Support Staff:


Ms Aimee Meek; Mrs Dawn Barlow; Ms Lisa Bagshaw; Mrs Anne Ratchford; Mrs Nicola Endeacott; Mrs Nicola Smith and Mrs Julia Langham

These members of staff play a vital role in supporting teaching and learning in own school. We see them as partners in the learning process. Year 3: 

Mrs Beverley Wade and Miss Joanne Thompson

Foundation 2:

Miss Nikki Fletcher; Mrs Joanne Bell; Mrs Claire Todd

Year 4:

Mrs Joanne Pye and Mrs Katie Jeffreys

 Year 1:

Mrs Lisa Fletcher and Miss Charlotte Davies

Year 5: 

Mrs Natalie Schmidt and Mrs Samantha Taylor

Year 2:

Miss Lisa King and Miss Michelle Phillips

Year 6:

Mrs Julie Winston and Mrs Jacquie McNutt

Other staff who support learning:



Mrs Lynn Speight; Mrs Angela Dodd Miss Nikki Fletcher

Child and Family Practitioner:

Mrs Angela Gibbons

Speech and Language Therapy:

Mrs Keeley Kelleher

Sports Coach:

Mr Paul Rowley

Mrs Emma Lee

PPA Staff:

Mrs Trupti Acharya

Mrs Joanne Atkinson

Mrs Catherine Crowley





Administrative Staff:

Business Manager Finance:Mrs Jackie Parker Mrs Maria Collins Mrs Nicola Jackson Business Manager HR: Mrs Judith Childerson
Premises and Lunchtime Staff
Caretaker:Mr David Temperley

Cleaning staff:

Maureen Allanson; Clara Glendenning; Gillian Barker; Linh Nguyen; Karen Senior; James Boyne

Lettings Staff:

Maureen Allanson and Kath Barrett

Our premises and lunchtime staff work hard to keep our building clean, safe and a happy place for our young people to learn, thrive and enjoy school.

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Angela Murphy

Sam Taylor: First Aid

Lunchtime Assistants:

Gillian Barker; Clara Glendenning

Debbie Hart; Maureen Allanson; Anita Winstanley;  Ruth O’Brien; Karen Senior; Catherine Hunter

Lisa Bowers; Aimee Celebi; Sharon Lacey; Ana Pulokiene; Lisa Cahgill; Sarah Gaughan; Rebecca Greenfield