Curriculum Offer

Statutory Information: Our Curriculum Offer

The purpose of this page is to inform parents about the curriculum that is on offer at St Theresa’s.  This is a Catholic school so our prime purpose is to provide a child-centred and creative education (curriculum) in a Christ-centred environment.  This is encapsulated in our Mission Statement and Aims which are on one of the links to the right of this screen.

Our curriculum is based around the three Rs and a commitment to teach basic skills as well as we can so as to prepare children for the globalised world of the 21st Century.  Reading, writing and Mathematics are at the core of the work we cover as well as ensuring that we teach RE for 10% of our teaching allocation.

We use a number of published schemes to help us deliver the curriculum but we do not follow these slavishly bust rather try to use them as a framework to provide the best possible inidividualised curriculum for each child.  The schemes of work we use include:

Religious Education: The Way, the Truth and the Life

Reading: The Oxford Reading Tree; Jelly and Bean; plus many other extension readers (plus ‘real’ books in our libraries)

Phonics: Letters and Sounds

Mathematics:  Abacus Evolve; Assertive Mentoring; The White Rose Hub materials

PSHCE: Nurturing Human Wholeness Scheme (Statements to live by… published weekly in the school newsletter).  We have also adopted the Islington Scheme of Work as recommended by LCC officers the overview of which is publish below:

Whole school curriculum overview for PHSE

Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is taught through the In the Beginning scheme of work which is a Leeds Diocese recommended scheme.  This will be reviewed when the Diocese makes it recommendations to schools after the working party concludes its consultations in 16-17.

We have also adapted the revised National Curriculum (2014) to fit our topic cycles and year group plans.  These plans have been further broken down into key skills which the staff use to assess and evlauate the children’s progress through school in the non-core subjects.  These are presented below as ‘jigsaws’ with all the topic areas colour-coded:

Year 1 jigsaw

Year 2 jigsaw

Year 3 jigsaw

Year 4 jigsaw

Year 5 jigsaw

Year 6 jigsaw

We are alspo deeply commited to a creative curriculum and have several external partners that we have worked with now for many years including:

Teach 24

Design and Create

Virgin Enterprise