School Student Council

Welcome to the School Student Council page!

We are very proud of the heritage of our school Student Council as it has been in place for well over 12years now.  The members are elected by their peers following hustings in the Autumn Term each year.  The Council has undertaken a great deal of work in recent years including reviewing the school’s anti-bullying and online safety policies and creating a child-friendly leaflets for their peers; they have also been involved in discussing ways to ease congestion in the school car park and also reviewing the school’s sanctions and rewards policy. Specifically in 2015-16 they worked on a charter for on-line safety and for the car park.  The charter for the car park is now on view in the front of the school and the online safety leaflet is also published below:

School Council Anti-Bullying Leaflet Revised Feb 2017

Student Council Online Safety Leaflet; Dec 2016

In 2016-2017 the Council are revisited the Bullying Leaflet to make sure it was up to date and still relevant and they have looked at the playground toys and ordered and managed them.  They have also made sure that the car park project was completed and overseen the siting of the banner and the poster in the front playground.  They were booked in to go to the Houses of Parliament on 6 June 2017 but this was cancelled because of the terrorist incident which took place on the day before.

In 2015, we were invited to host one of our Council Meetings in the main chamber at Leeds Town Hall at the invitation of the Lord Mayor.  We were greeted by the Lord Mayor and shown round the main Council Chambers at the Town Hall.  This came about through an invitation to the Dorojan Family who had met the Mayor as part of a cultural exchange programme… we were more than happy to accept the invitation!

In 2015-2016 we have decided to split the Student Council into two discrete groups; the younger group (Y1-3) will be called the Green Committee and the remainder will be the main student council with members from Y4-6 inclusive.  There will be a Chair and Secretary for each group.  The make up of this year’s Student Council groups is as follows: (please click on the link)

Members list – Full School Council 2017-18

We have decided to run the council with the two groups again in 2017-2018; it helps the younger pupils have a much more of a voice too!