School Dinner Menus

School Dinner Menus

Please click on the link below for a PDF copy of the school dinner menus for the Spring Term 2019.  This will enable you to see what we are planning to provide for school dinners each week.  There is a 3 week cycle which runs from Week 1 of every term and the student council have been involved in choosing the menu.

If your child is on dinners then Mrs Collins will send home a proforma for you to discuss with your child what they want to eat; once you return this we will update our records and your child will have the menu options you have chosen on the 3-week cycle.  If you need to change the choices for whatever reasons then please let Mrs Collins know. Enjoy!

F2, Y1 and Y2 children are entitled to a free school dinner every day; unless you let us know otherwise we will assume your child is having a school dinner.  KS2 and Nursery children have to pay but the meals are very good value for money and the food is excellent… all freshly prepared on site.

St Theresa’s Dinner Menus Spring 2019 update 

This will be the situation until further notice.  If there are any changes then I will update the website!

Enjoy!  Mr H.