Vacancies in School

Vacancies in School:

This is where current vacancies in the school will be advertised in future.  They are in the Governors’ tab because the Governors are the employers at St Theresa’s School because it is a Voluntary Aided school.

Current Teaching Vacancies:

There are currently NO teaching vacancies at St Theresa’s.

CES Notes to Applicants Jan 2018

CES Application Form Jan 2018

Climate for Learning Policy February 2013

CES Rehabilitation of Offenders Form Jan 2018

CES Recruitment Monitoring Form Jan 2018

CES Model Contract of Employment TEACHER Jan 2018

The above forms are for when posts are advertised.

Current Support Staff Vacancies:

We have a vacancy for a Lunchtime supervisor/Extended Schools assistant from Sept/Oct 2018: If you are interested in this post please speak to either Mrs Childerson or either Mrs Ryan or Mrs Grady.  The post is for 5.42hrs per week @ £8.20/hour.  We may also have some additional hours for the Before and After School Club.  Candidates should state if they are interested in these additional hours when they apply.  Please use the online forms and email the forms to

Support staff application form May 2018

Supervisory_Assistants job description 2015

CES Model Contract for Support and Non Teaching Staff

CES Notes to Applicants[1]

CES Recruitment Monitoring Form[1]

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 -Disclosure Form[1]

St Theresa’s is an equal opporutnities employer; we will also follow rigorous child protection/safeguarding procedures and at least two references will be taken and followed up.  Successful candidates will have to have a DBS check as well as a DBA check for those who work with pupils under aged 8.

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