Buildings and Premises Committee

Welcome to the Buildings and Premises page.

The Buildings and Premises committee does what it says in the title… it monitors and evaluates the state of the building and premises at St Theresa’s.  This includes ensuring that the premises are safe and healthy for our staff and young people as well as the wider community.  This is a full time job at St Theresa’s because this is a very fragile building which requires a lot of monitoring and work to keep it going.  We are very fortunate to have the quality of support that we do with regards to the upkeep of the buildings and the Chair of this committee is a HSE professional with many years experience in maintaining and monitoring sites such as ours. The committee is made up of the following Governors:


Mr Mark Nicholson

Committee Members:

Mr Mark Nicholson

Mrs Doris McGee

Mrs Angela Barnicle

Mrs Claire Wells (Associate Governor representing staff H/S)

Mr John Hutchinson, Head

Priority School Building Programme Phase 2 (PSBP2) 
Parents and prospective parents may well be interested to know that St Theresa’s is one of two Leeds’ Schools who have made it on to the Government’s PSBP2 list for either a significant refurbishment or a new school building.  We are understandably very excited about the potential of what this means for our school and the pupils of the future.  The details of the schools on the list and the methodology for finding them can be found on the following link:

These are exciting times we live in!!  Fingers crossed we get the go ahead for a new school as the current building, although it looks fine, is rotting from the inside out.  The windows are the originals from the 1950s when the school was built and so is much of the M&E plant work (i.e. radiators and pipework!). Watch this space for further updates.