Links with Other Organisations incl. Catholic Care

We have many links with other organisations!

Our links with the wider community have always been strong.

We have strong links with:

  • The Diocese of Leeds Vicariate for Evangelisation
  • Catholic Care
  • Leeds City Council: Children and Young Peoples’ Services
  • Seacroft Manston Cluster of Schools
  • SMART: a response team working for the local cluster
  • LARCH: Leeds Catholic Schools’ Association
  • LDAPH: Leeds Diocesan HT’s Organisation
  • Leeds City Boys Football Team: we host their training facilities and support them as best we can.
  • Leeds Rhinos RFL Team
  • Leeds Catenians
  • SVP and the Mini-Vinnies
  • South Leeds Food Bank
  • St George’s Crypt
  • Royal British Legion
  • BBC Children in Need
  • St Gemma’s Hospice
  • Cross Gates Good Neighbours
  • Virgin Enterprise Business Partners
  • Discover and Create
  • ARTs Mark and ARTs AWARD
  • Cape UK
  • Computer Xplorers

One of our strongest links is with Catholic Care.  Our partnership with them began in 2015-16 and has gone from strength to strength.  They support some of our most vulnerable children, especially those experiencing ‘loss’ in their lives either through bereavement or other family situations.  The work they do to support our young people is essential in building the kingdom and giving our youngsters the chance to experience the very best chances that we can offer them to achieve their full potential.

There are many organisations listed above that we like to support financially and through awareness raising in our young people.  One project that our Mini-Vinnies were pivotally involved in last year was to provide clothes, food, toiletries and baby equipment for the incoming refugees who were being helped by PAFRAS (Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers) which was supported by all the local schools in the Seacroft/Manston Cluster.  This group also support the i-Can project which involved all the children in the East Leeds schools donating a can of food/or dried goods for the South Leeds Food Bank.  This was hugely successful and is something that we will do annually in Lent.