BJHN Parish Links

Welcome to our Parish page.

This page has information about our links with the Parish of Blessed John Henry Newman including links to the parish website and Mass times in the different Churches in our parish.

Our Parish Priest is Fr Pat Wall and he is ably assisted by Fr Ghebreyesus.  The Parish is also suported by two Deacons; Deacon Sean Quigley and Deacon Tom Marshall.  Fr G is the school chaplain.

If you click on the link below it should take you straight to the website of the Blessed John Henry Newman Parish:

Mass Times:

Mass times at the various parish churches are as follows:

St Gregory’s, Swarcliffe Drive, Leeds, LS14 5AW

  • Saturday Evening Vigil Mass: 6.30pm
  • Sunday, 9.15am with Children’s Liturgy

St Theresa’s, Station Road, LS15 7JY

  • Sunday, 8.15am;  10.15am with Children’s Liturgy and 6pm

Corpus Christi, Neville Road, LS9 0HD

  • Saturday Evening Vigil Mass: 5.15pm
  • Sunday, 10.30am with Children’s Liturgy

As a Catholic school we strongly encourage all our Catholic families to take their children to Mass to fulfil their Sunday obligation, especially those preparing to receive the sacraments of Holy Communion and First Confession.

We celebrate Holy Mass in school as often as we can.  These are beautiful celebrations and we very much look forward to them as a worshipping community.  We are very blessed that we have some many parents, grandparents and members of the parish who join us for Mass.  Below is the Mass Calendar for 2017-2018:

Class Masses for 2018-2019 will appear here soon.

Sacramental Preparation:

Sacramental preparation is changing fundamentally across the whole Diocese of Leeds and we are in a period of transition at the moment.  Below is an outline of the changes that are proposed:

First Reconciliation will take place when children are in Y3 (7-8 years old)

First Holy Communion will take place when children are in Y4 (8-9 years old)

Confirmation will take place when children are in Y6 (10-11 years old).  Preparation for this will begin in Y5.

The rationale behind this is to complete all the initiation sacraments before children enter High School so that the Church can focus on young people developing their faith in a more evangelical way… see themselves as ambassadors for Christ.  Justice and Peace will be at the heart of what they will do as well as acts of pilgrimage, good works and service to others especially the poor and dispossessed.

Bishop Marcus’s vision is that preparation for the sacraments should be based around the family not just the school.  Parents are the first educators in the faith and he wants them to take a greater share in the preparation for these major signposts in their children’s lives; this helps them to fulfil the promises made at Baptism.  The transition period will allow us to work more closely as Parish and School to support the Home in developing all our children to full human wholeness in the faith.

If you have any questions about Sacramental Preparation in our school/parish please speak to Mr Hutchinson or Mrs Ruane.