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Welcome to Year 6’s Page!

Thursday, 22 July 2021

Please see the following message from our ICT team in school.  Miss Nicholson (very cleverly) has sorted out for you to be able to watch your Leavers’ Mass video.  Your child will need to log on to their Google Classroom Account using their school password etc (which they should know!) and then click on the link.  It won’t work if you’re not logged on to Google:

View/download the Y6 leavers videos by clicking on the link. Log in using your child’s Google Classroom details, open the video (full screen) the download button is top right.


Y6 staff, Miss N and Mr H


Dear Parents/Carers

Following a meeting with both Y6 teachers and having spoken to Mary at the Parish office we have put the following in place for the Leavers’ Mass celebrations that we normally have. 

6LM will celebrate their Leavers’ Mass on Monday, 19 July 2021 at 6.00pm followed by a simple social gathering outside. 

6DK will celebrate their Leavers’ Mass on Tuesday, 20 July 2021 at 6.00pm followed again by a simple social gathering outside.

Parents/carers may attend the Mass with siblings of the Y6 child but only TWO adults per child are allowed at the celebration as we will still need to socially distance in school (regardless of PM Johnson’s declaration!).  Mass will be in the hall.  There will be limited singing and only by the children. 

The social gathering after Mass will include some light refreshments for the children only.  Tea/coffee will be available for parents/carers.  We expect the whole thing to be done by 7.30pm at the latest.  Please maintain social distancing… no one wants the 6 week holidays compromising.  Thank you.

There will also be a ‘leavers’ assembly/gathering’ on Friday morning for the whole school at 10.00am.  This will be outside and ONLY Y6 parents will be invited.  This will include a Prize Giving ceremony.  It will NOT be a Mass.  This will last an hour at the absolute most! 

There will also be a ‘Guard of Honour’ at the end of the day when the children will be clapped out of school at 3.30pm (when everyone else has gone home) on Friday, 23 July 2021.  If you want to gather at the drop off or on the mound and if you want to make banners etc then please feel free. 

Any kind of isolation or outbreak in Y6 will stop these plans dead in their tracks.  Please be careful.  Please socially isolate.  Please be careful.  

Thank you,

Mr Hutchinson and Team Y6!!


We hope to share with you our exciting work and and our good times in Year 6. We will aim to update this page every term (half term if we can!) and we hope that you will visit it regularly to celebrate with your child the wonderful things we have been doing in class. Enjoy.

Miss Mulkeen (6LM) and Mr Kearney (6DK)

The pictures on this page at the moment are from Year 6 in previous years… Lots of exciting things to look forward to!

Mr H is going to add some information here from the various High Schools that are advertising their Open Evenings:

Corpus Christi College:

This is our main feeder Catholic High School.  They have added a host of information for potential Y6/7 transfers for September 2021 on their website and I sent a text link out for this on Friday.  The information can be found here:

If you are applying to the College then please ensure that you complete a SIF as well just like you did when you applied to St Theresa’s.  Please make sure you apply as it is not an automatic transfer from here to Corpus… YOU MUST APPLY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.  Please do not get caught out by not applying.

John Smeaton Academy: John Smeaton Y6 Y7 Open Evening Poster Autumn 2020

Y6-7 video diary for prospective parents for September 2021:  We had this message last week, please peruse at your leisure:

Good afternoon
Please could you play the following clip to your yr6 students. It is also on our YouTube channel.
I know decision time for them is soon and due to Covid what we have been able to do and offer has been restricted. So your support with this is greatly appreciated.
Mr Huddleston, Assistant Head at John Smeaton


Bishop Young Academy:  As we are unable to have a Year 6 Open Day at Bishop Young CofE Academy, we are pleased to send you our virtual BYA Open Event talk. We would be grateful if you could show this to your Year 6 students and if possible to share the link with their parents too. This video can also be found on our website (

We are currently offering tours of BYA until 21st October 2020 and these can be booked by emailing to arrange a suitable date and time. BYA will be dropping off some BYA Open Event flyers next week for your Year 6 students and their parents.


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