Year 5

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Good afternoon

You will be aware that there are a number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in 5CW because I’m sure the class jungle drums have been beating across East Leeds.  To date we have 4 confirmed cases and three children who have tested positive on LFD tests and are awaiting PCR results.  We have spoken with PHE today and taken their advice.  The letter below is what they have sent us to send to you.  In short what they are suggesting is this:

  • It is safe for your child to be in school if they are are feeling well
  • They are advising that you test your child twice a week using a LFD test and if this shows a positive result that you get this confirmed with a PCR
  • That you are vigilant with your child and keep a close eye on them
  • Notify school if they test positive either on LFD and/or have this confirmed with PCR
  • Follow any instructions given directly by Test, Track and Trace

In school we have put the following measures in place to keep 5CW safe and well in the short term whilst we are experiencing this outbreak:

  • 5CW are being kept as far from the other children as possible
  • They will play together and eat lunch together
  • They will not attend after school sports/activity clubs
  • They will be kept separate at BASC
  • There are extra cleaning regimes in place including fogging the classroom and extra vigilant cleaning every night and during the day

Please refer to the letter below:

PHE Letter to 5CW

Please stay safe and God bless,

Mr Hutchinson