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UPDATE FOR 3GL: Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Dear Parents/Carers of 3GL

Thank you for your continued patience and support in this difficult time.  You will be aware that there are a number of children in 3KH who have contracted the virus most of whom have been asymptomatic.  Both Y3 classes operate as one bubble which is why your child’s class remains at home.

The original letter you were sent stated that your child should be able to return to school on Thursday, 25 March 2021.  This is to confirm that there are no changes to that date and we will be expecting you back on Thursday apart from those four children who were in the Y2/3 Before School group on TUESDAY, 16 March 2021 (You should know who you are; we will send a text to those children to confirm this!).

This episode has highlighted more than any other in recent times how careful we all need to be as well as vigilant with one another.  The reason for the delay in responding and publishing this information is that Miss Laidler has been feeling unwell and we were awaiting a response from her.  Miss Laidler will return to school on Monday. Mrs Strong will teach the class on Thursday (am) and Mrs Crowley (pm: this is their usual PPA session).  Mrs McNutt (Cover Supervisor) and Mrs Wade will take the class on Friday. 

Thank you again for your assistance in self-isolating your child. Please can I ask that if your child does become unwell with CV-19 symptoms that you test them for the virus with a Lateral Flow Test. If this gives a positive result, can you let school know ASAP then we can track and trace them; you will also need to confirm the LFD Test with a full PCR test at a test centre, BUT ONLY IF THEY HAVE SYMPTOMS of the virus. 

Again, apologies for the delay but I wanted all the information before updating then we wouldn’t be chopping and changing the message… hence why there wasn’t a message yesterday as promised!! 

God bless,

Mr Hutchinson.


Dear Parents of 3KH

Please ensure that if your child tests positive at any point over the weekend that you let me know immediately by email on  

Just to be clear; 3KH are not due back in school until Monday, 29 March 2021. 

Thank you and God bless,

Mr Hutchinson



Welcome to Year 3’s Page! We hope to share with you our exciting work and our good times in Year 3. We will aim to update this page every term (half term if we can!) and we hope that you will visit it regularly to celebrate with your child the wonderful things we have been doing in class!

 Have a look at lots more photos from our history topic on the summer tab!


Miss Laidler (3GL) and Mr Kearney (3DK)

 Click on the exciting learning Y3 did in 2017-2018 with Mrs Crowley and Mrs Moore:




Armley Mills

In November we had a very exciting day at Armley Mills Industrial Museum. The children spent the morning in the Victorian schoolroom, learning the 3’R’s. They had to sit very still, with no wriggling, if they were to escape the teacher’s wrath! They all worked very hard with their slate pencils, then later progressed to pen and ink: no blotting their copy books! They also took part in ‘drill’ which was the Victorian equivalent of P.E.




In the afternoon, the children found out about the lives of  young children who worked in the mills in Victorian Leeds; they also visited a typical Victorian mill-worker’s home. It was a great experience for everyone and made us all appreciate the mod cons we  have today!


The Baptism of baby Theresa Mary

In their RE lessons the children have been learning about the Sacrament of Baptism. We all went to St Gregory’s for the baptism of ‘Theresa Mary’. Father Ghebreyesus helped the children to understand the importance of this sacrament which marks the beginning of a person’s  life in the family of the Christian Church.




This term we are learning about life in Victorian Britain.


We visited the Thackray  Museum  to experience life in  the workhouse. We realised how lucky we are to be living in 2017. Life in Victorian Leeds was very different – especially for poor people.

We hope you enjoy our  photos from the Thackray Museum.

World Book Day!

We celebrated at last -even though the event had been delayed due to the snow! (Funnily enough, nobody came as The Snowman by Raymond Briggs!!)


Etz Chaim Synagogue

The children had a very interesting visit to the Etz Chaim Synagogue in North Leeds to learn more about Judaism.

They had the opportunity to look at the  precious Torah scrolls which are wrapped in velvet robes and decorated with jewellery.

Some of the boys also had the chance to wear the tallit (prayer shawl) and kippah (skull cap).

The children asked and answered lots of interesting questions and were a credit to their families and to the school!


First Aid Training

The Y3 children had a great opportunity to learn life-saving skills in a course delivered by a British Heart Foundation trainer, Gill Loukes.

They learned how to keep calm in an emergency, administer CPR and even how to use a defibrillator! In some countries, these skills are taught routinely in primary schools  – but, sadly, not here in the UK. We are therefore very pleased to have taken this step with our Y3 children  – they, too, may one day be able to save a life.


Ancient Egyptians

The children were extremely well-behaved during our visit to the Leeds City Museum. They were very excited to see Nesyamun, the Leeds mummy, and they even did a bit of mummifying for themselves!


Chick chick, chick chick, chicken, lay a little egg for me!







We all had a wonderful day with ‘Bear’, our Stone Age friend,  learning about the lives of our earliest ancestors. We looked at some genuine prehistoric artefacts, including spears and axes from Neolithic times. We also dressed up in animal skins in our stone age homes!











We had a brilliant time making dens with Chris Harman, ‘The Den Man’. We practised lots of DT/maths skills as well as learning about cooperation and team-work!





  These photos are from 2016-2017


Learning about the Egyptians

A visitor from the Leeds Discovery Centre (part of Leeds City Museums) came to show us some genuine Egyptian artefacts, thousands of years old! We were even allowed to handle them – very carefully! The oldest object was an axe-head which was about 10,000 years old; we were amazed to think it had been held by someone so long ago!

Keeping myself safe week!

We have had a very busy week, learning about all sorts of ways to keep safe. A lady from D:side told us all about the  risks associated with smoking. We learned about what is actually inside cigarettes, what effect they have on the body and on our finances!

We learned about the importance of a healthy heart and lungs.

Fun at the Ice Cube 

We had a great day at the ice rink in Millennium Square! Everyone had a very positive attitude and by the end of the session we had all let go of the side rail! That’s growth mindset in action!


We have been working with our student teacher to make some great artwork based on the theme ‘Stonehenge’.


We are so proud of all the children who have made their First Holy Communion recently! They were extremely reverent and respectful during their special Celebration Masses.

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm

What a great time we had at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, learning about ‘Rocks and Soils’! The weather was glorious (just like summer!) and we spent the day learning about all the different types of rock found locally. We went on a rock walk to investigate what all the different rocks looked and felt like. Then, back in the classroom, we  did experiments to find out about the different properties of the rocks so that we could understand why different rocks are suitable for different purposes.


Later, we did experiments to find out about the ‘ingredients’ of soil, then we went on a worm hunt (very popular!) and made our own wormeries. We learned how important worms are for keeping soil rich and full of nutrients; no wonder they’re known as ‘the gardener’s friend’!