Year 3

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Welcome to Year 3’s Page! We hope to share with you our exciting work and our good times in Year 3. We will aim to update this page every term (half term if we can!) and we hope that you will visit it regularly to celebrate with your child the wonderful things we have been doing in class!

See the Autumn tab for photos of our visit to St Gregory’s to learn about the Sacrament of Baptism.

(Also, please have a look at our archive tab to find out about some of the exciting things that happened in Y3 last year!)

 We hope everyone has settled in well and got used to life in Y3! The first half term has flown by!


Coming soon –  our visit to Armley Mills (7th Nov.3CC  and 8th Nov. 3KM) to experience life in the Victorian school room! Don’t forget to get your Victorian clothes ready again!

parents letter VICTORIANS Sep 2017


Mrs Crowley (3CC) and Mrs Moore (3KM)


The Baptism of baby Theresa Mary

In their RE lessons the children have been learning about the Sacrament of Baptism. We all went to St Gregory’s for the baptism of ‘Theresa Mary’. Father Ghebreyesus helped the children to understand the importance of this sacrament which marks the beginning of a person’s  life in the family of the Christian Church.




This term we are learning about life in Victorian Britain.


We visited the Thackray  Museum  to experience life in  the workhouse. We realised how lucky we are to be living in 2017. Life in Victorian Leeds was very different – especially for poor people.

We hope you enjoy our  photos from the Thackray Museum.


  These photos are from 2016-2017

Life in Victorian times

We had a very interesting day at Armley Mills where we were in role as Victorian school children. It was very different from life in the 21st century! We had to get used to writing with pen and ink as well as using scratchy slate pencils; we also enjoyed the Victorian ‘drill’ which was a bit like P.E.  The hardest thing of all was working in complete silence! Some of us were in trouble for being late for school and for having dirty hands and faces!

Egg competition Many thanks for supporting our decorated egg competition! It was a great success and we raised lots of money for our Lenten charities. Details of the winners are on the ‘Special Events’ page of the website, but there are lots of pics for you to enjoy here too!

Etz Chaim Synagogue

The children had a very interesting visit to the Etz Chaim Synagogue in North Leeds to learn more about the Jewish faith. They asked and answered questions very confidently and made a great impression on their hosts!

Learning about the Egyptians

A visitor from the Leeds Discovery Centre (part of Leeds City Museums) came to show us some genuine Egyptian artefacts, thousands of years old! We were even allowed to handle them – very carefully! The oldest object was an axe-head which was about 10,000 years old; we were amazed to think it had been held by someone so long ago!

Keeping myself safe week!

We have had a very busy week, learning about all sorts of ways to keep safe. A lady from D:side told us all about the  risks associated with smoking. We learned about what is actually inside cigarettes, what effect they have on the body and on our finances!

We learned about the importance of a healthy heart and lungs.

We also did some First Aid training during which we learned how to do CPR.  We practised on the mannequins and even on each other! The first aid trainer also showed us how to use a defibrillator – we have one in school now too.  We feel very proud to have learned some potentially life-saving skills!

Fun at the Ice Cube 

We had a great day at the ice rink in Millennium Square! Everyone had a very positive attitude and by the end of the session we had all let go of the side rail! That’s growth mindset in action!


We have been working with our student teacher to make some great artwork based on the theme ‘Stonehenge’.

Stone Age Man!

We all had a wonderful day with ‘Big Bear’, learning about the lives of people in the stone age. We looked at some genuine prehistoric artefacts, including spears and axes from Neolithic times. We also dressed up in animal skins in our stone age homes!


We are so proud of all the children who have made their First Holy Communion recently! They were extremely reverent and respectful during their special Celebration Masses.

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm

What a great time we had at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, learning about ‘Rocks and Soils’! The weather was glorious (just like summer!) and we spent the day learning about all the different types of rock found locally. We went on a rock walk to investigate what all the different rocks looked and felt like. Then, back in the classroom, we  did experiments to find out about the different properties of the rocks so that we could understand why different rocks are suitable for different purposes.


Later, we did experiments to find out about the ‘ingredients’ of soil, then we went on a worm hunt (very popular!) and made our own wormeries. We learned how important worms are for keeping soil rich and full of nutrients; no wonder they’re known as ‘the gardener’s friend’!

Den-building Day!

What a brilliant day we had with Chris, the Den Man!

We probably covered most areas of the curriculum in one amazing day! The children worked on designing & building, planning, problem-solving, maths, team-work, social skills and HAVING LOTS OF FUN!!!!

The whole point of the day was to work cooperatively in teams to build  strong, waterproof dens. We mixed up the 2 classes so that the children could work with new friends and enjoy solving problems together. At the end of the day, Chris threw buckets of water over the dens (with the children inside!) as a real test of the dens’ level of waterproofing!

As you can see from our photos, a great day was had by all!

Next, we went outside to begin building the real dens. We thought about what we had learned in class about structures and stability.

The first step was to build the den frames using canes and zip-ties.


Once the frames were secure, the children had to focus on making their dens waterproof. They used large plastic sheets secured by pegs, making sure there were no gaps!

The children kept checking that their dens were warm and windproof. They needed good protection on all sides!


The final stage was the water test!!!

Apart from one or two leaks, the dens were a great success! Not bad for our first attempt! Bear Grylls  might have a few rivals!