Year 2

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Welcome to Year Two!


We have all settled into Year 2 and we are all looking forward to the year ahead.  Here we are enjoying some of the September sunshine!


We have been learning all about Space.  We visited Magna and had a lovely time.


Our Mandir Visit

We have been learning about Diwali.  We made our own Diya lamps, lanterns, we learned about Rama and Sita.  We also learned about the Hindu creation story. We had a lovely time visiting the Hindu Temple (Mandir).



To celebrate the start of Advent we contributed to making our Advent wreath.



We had two cheeky elves come to visit us this year.  They were called Doodles and Snowflake.  Santa asked them to make sure that the children wrote and posted a letter to Santa, so that’s what we did!

We all took part in our Christmas play called ‘It’s Chriiistmas!’ We worked really hard to learn our lines and the lyrics to the songs.

Our teachers were so proud of us, we had an extra treat day!

Party Day

This term we have been learning about The Pied Piper, The Plague and the Great Fire of London.

Here are some photos showing what we have been doing.

William Petty

Sir William Petty came to see us and told us all about the Great Fire of London.

Making Houses

We are making houses using cereal boxes, similar to those from the 1600s!  First we planned them and then used paper and card to make them.


Skipping Competition 

We took part in the cluster Skipping Competition with ‘Skipping Schools’.  Our team worked very hard and we are so proud of everyone!  The children all had a great afternoon.


Coming soon!



P.E. kits must be labelled with your child’s name.
Please return your child’s reading book folders every day.



We learned about what it would be like to live in space, we learned about the different planets and our solar system. We went to Magna and took part in a very exciting workshop after looking around the different areas of the museum.

IMG_5374IMG_0969 IMG_0956 IMG_0984 IMG_5402  IMG_0978

When we got back to school we wrote a recount of our journey, making sure we used all of the English skills we have been learning since September.

We read the story ‘Bob the Man on the Moon’ and used lots of noun phrases to describe Bob, his job and the aliens he met. We enjoyed lots of other stories too, especially Marshmallows for Martians and Beegu! Using lots of ideas from stories we planned and wrote our very own space stories in our English books.

Finally, we celebrated our topic by having an ‘Alien and Astronauts’ Day!

SAM_0204 SAM_0205 SAM_0206


We have been learning about Diwali. We went on a visit to the ‘Mandir’ and learned about the Hindu creation story, Rama and Sita and we watched a very special prayer take place. The children were very well behaved and were very respectful. Well done!

SAM_0272  SAM_0274


Advent is a very special time in school. We made our own Advent wreath and made some Advent Promises.



We have been very lucky this year and Mrs Lee has taken us for an extra P.E. session! We practised lots of skills including throwing, catching and kicking.

SAM_0232 SAM_0220 SAM_0221 SAM_0223 SAM_0224


The Pied Piper

This half term was very strange! We had lots and lots of rats appear in our classrooms! We decided to make ‘Help’ posters and, much to our surprise, The Pied Piper came and helped us get rid of them all. We all wrote a very kind letter to him to thank him for his help.

SAM_0438 SAM_0443 copy

We read the story of the Pied Piper and we talked about what it would be really like to live in a town full of rats. We discussed whether the Pied Piper did the right thing by taking the children to a magic land.

We retold the story and wrote our own descriptions of a magic land – we had lots of lovely ideas such as: ‘Candy Land’, ‘Dinosaur Land’ and ‘Fairy Land’.

We even had a go at playing the recorder – just like the Pied Piper did!

SAM_0473 copy SAM_0478 copy SAM_0480 copy

The Great Fire of London

As part of our topic Sir William Petty travelled all the way from London to visit us and tell us all about the Great Fire. He also told us stories of his friend, Samuel Pepys. We learned about bucket chains and what life was like in 1666.

We made our own houses using cereal boxes to create our very own London Town. We had to carefully cover the boxes in white paper and measure strips of black sugar paper to create patterns on our houses.


We invited the fire brigade into school and they helped us to burn our houses down. Here are some photos, there are some video clips on our Twitter site.

We have learned that the fire in London started in a bakery on Pudding Lane. We investigated how methods of baking bread have changed. To help us, Janet from Warburtons came in. First we tried lots of different varieties of bread, then she showed us how to make our own bread rolls which we cooked in a modern day school cooker. We had a wonderful morning and each got a goody bag to share with our families.

Keeping Myself Safe

During ‘Keeping Myself Safe’ week D-Side came in to talk to us about our bodies and what our bodies need to be safe and healthy. We took it in turns to say what we liked about each other.


Pizza Express

We visited Pizza Express and made our own pizzas.

We learned how to squash the dough, spread the sauce and add the cheese. Whilst we waited for our pizzas to cook we tasted lots of different foods. Lots of us liked the anchovies and peppers, we didn’t really like the artichoke though!


World Book Day

On World Book Day we chose to dress up as either our favourite characters from a story or in our pyjamas to share a bedtime story. We were very lucky and had some of our wonderful parents come into school and read with us.


We have been working very hard on our Maths skills.

Some of us have been practising counting to ten and matching numbers.


Some of us have been practising using the bar to help us solve fraction questions, we then moved onto challenges which were a little bit tricky!


P.E. with Leeds Rhinos 

We have been learning basic rugby skills with Ian from Leeds Rhinos over the last few weeks. We have practised throwing, catching, dodging, running and jogging with a rugby ball as well as some team games.

As part of P.E. we also entered the skipping competition at John Smeaton Academy.

Here are our thirty wonderful skippers! Well done children!


Mrs Dodd and Mrs Speight teach us science on Thursday afternoons.

Our topic is all about living things.


Boat Trip

We had a lovely time on the Kirkstall Flyboat.


Treat Day

We have been working extremely hard this half term. As a celebration our teachers gave us all ‘Star of the Week’ and we had a special picnic afternoon on the field.