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This section of the website is historic and will be updated soon:

Welcome to Year 1!

We hope to share with you our exciting work and and our exciting times in Year 1.  We will aim to update this page every term (half term if we can!) and we hope that you will visit it regularly to celebrate with your child the wonderful things we have been doing in class.


In 1JR this year there is Mrs Ruane, Miss Davies and 30 wonderful children!



In 1KM this year there is Mrs Moore, Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Dodd and 30 wonderful children!



In Year 1 we absolutely love our maths lessons! We use lots of objects to help us count!

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Our amazing trip to the Post Office…











We love to read and explore new books!

literacy 3 literacy1









Year 1’s Superhero Day

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Sports Day!

In June we had our annual Sports Day. All of the Foundation Stage children and Key Stage One children took part in a multi-skills morning and a race afternoon. We had a lovely sunny day and everyone took part in the events! Have a look at some of our pictures:

IMG_5291  IMG_5343 IMG_5349 IMG_5352 IMG_5310


To link with our ‘Pirates and the Seaside’ topic both Year One classes visited Scarborough. We had lots of fun! We enjoyed paddling in the sea, building sandcastles and eating ice creams. We even buried our teachers in the sand!

IMG_5153[1] IMG_5184[1] IMG_5180[1] IMG_5219[1] IMG_5221[1] IMG_5230[1] IMG_5225[1] IMG_5237[1] IMG_5227[1] IMG_5238[1] IMG_5345 IMG_5357IMG_5470 IMG_5356 IMG_5420IMG_5355 IMG_5408 IMG_5472IMG_5416 IMG_5432 IMG_5481

Our trip to Tesco!

This term we have been learning about the world around us. We went on a trip to our local supermarket to find out where our food comes from:

IMG_5282 IMG_5287  IMG_5059 IMG_5101

Making Pizza!

We have been learning about division. We made some pizzas and learned all about sharing equal amounts!

IMG_5236 IMG_5242

Year One News:

News coming soon.