Initial Admission Process for Reception: September 2021

Admission to Reception/F2 for September 2021

The admissions process for September 2021 is now complete and appeals against the original decision have been heard.  If you are new to the area or wish to make application to St Theresa’s for Reception for September 2021 then you will need to contact Mrs Clark in the school office and she will advise you what to do. 

The application process for September 2022 will appear here in the Autumn Term 2021. 

If your child is of statutory school age and you wish to apply for a place for your child for Reception (Foundation 2/F2 as it is called now) for September 2021 then you will receive a letter from Leeds City Council in the Autumn of 2020 advising you that you need to complete an Admission Form online. This form must be completed with your school preferences by 15 January 2021. The Admissions Procedures and Timetable is printed below:

Please follow the criteria for admissions using the policy below:

Admission Policy 2021-22 Revised by school July 2021

The over-subscription criteria is published in the above policy.  In 2021 we had well over 180 applications for 60 places; 77 of those were first choice preferences.

You must also complete the SIF which is explained lower down on this page:

St Theresa’s SIF 2021-2022

Application Procedures and Timetable

Failure to provide a Common Preference Form (CPF) would mean that the application is not valid and failure to provide a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) could mean that the applicant is placed in the last criteria.

Parents can apply from around the 1 November 2020 either online through the Local Authority’s website at or by filling in a Common Preference Form available from the Local Authority.

  • IF YOU DON NOT APPLY ONLINE then the paper form (the CPF) must be completed and returned to the Local Authority Admissions Team by the 15 January 2021 at: (see below for information about the SIF!) 

Children’s Services,

Leeds City Council

PO BOX 837,



The Supplementary Information Form (SIF) which is available from the School Office or the local authority website should be submitted by January 15th 2021 to the Head Teacher, St. Theresa’s Catholic Primary School, Barwick Road, Leeds, LS15 8RQ.

Parents or carers will be advised of the outcome of their applications in April 2019. Unsuccessful applicants will be given reasons related to the over-subscription criteria listed above and advised of their right of appeal to and independent appeal panel.  The Diocese of Leeds will manage our Admission Appeals and will appoint an independent panel to review the case.

The SIF:

It is also absolutely essential that you complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) too as this give the school vital information needed for our over-subscription criteria (listed in the above policy) should be we need to apply it. In the academic year 2019 – 20120 (places for Sept 2020) we had approx. 216 applications for 60 places so we needed the SIF to be able to rank the available places as fairly and accurately as possible.

You must RETURN the SIF to SCHOOL once it is completed.

A copy of the SIF can be downloaded from here:

St Theresa’s SIF 2021-2022

(The completed SIF MUST be returned to school ASAP along with proof of baptism if your child is a baptised Catholic).